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  1. Hello, i'm selling 2 shiny pvp mount next season. 1 silver and 1 gold 25m in capsule coin (400k) or pokedollars You can reach me on forum, discord malltesers#4747 Thanks
  2. Train him and evolve him :3 Also, don't use "godly" term for a 06hp one, it's fake advertisement. If that's protean greninja, i start
  3. Hello ! I understand the idea of the topic and i can understand why you're mad but well, the idea is just gonna lower the skillbase in Pro. The goal for you is to give the opportunity to more players to reach ladder by cutting some competition (not allowing 2 ladder in 2 different server). Which means, you actually want to make the competition less competitive. There is no easy way about getting better, whenever i join silver it is to meet more and greater players. The greatest my opponents are, the happier i am cause i can learn more and more. I met waaaay too many players that spam the OU teams, basic stall that played honestly bad and were like 2-3 games away from ladder just cause they had strong team overall. This idea is about giving them the opportunity to reach ladder, a spot in ladder tournament while not being good enough to do it by themselves. If your goal is to split the actuel skilled players between 2 servers instead of taking this as an opportunity to get better and overtake them, we're just gonna make this a pve game with advantages, if the game had more players, i could have understand this idea but this isn't the case there. As "Moneywarrior" said in the post just above "strive to overcome these old boomers" and feel proud they you manage to reach ladder. Since most of you said that the economy impact from the ladder isn't really huge (which is true honestly for the time it takes); Ladder is an achievement to prove you're one of the best. For the sake of the hardworkers that want to overtake us, don't give them a low tier experience in pvp
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