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  1. Thanks for your asnwer. I have nothing against staff members and I respect all your effort to make this game better. It just hurts grinding this game and investing my free time, and not being rewarded at all, due to random crashes. Does this mean that a general warning has been announced, discouraging players to do anything that can be painful to lose in case of crash? Because in my understanding, there is no specific time and date, when all this gets fixed, and according to this logic we should stop doing bosses / wq's / pvp etc till who knows when. I appreciate the fact you give us world que
  2. Bump. Newer than mine posts have received responses. Also, I tried fighting Nikola and he wont fight me, saying fighting him will be no use to me. I’m so disappointed with this this game.
  3. Can somebody reply to me? I don't even know if suicune is lost forever.
  4. I just experienced a server crash at 12:32 GMT when I was fighting suicune at birth island after using my hard earned mysterious ticket. After i manage to log back in, there is no suicune, no ticket on me, and 24h cd on the camptain. I spoke to Norex in discord and he said nothing can be done. Im doing world quests for hours and I get nothing because this game cannot fix its servers.. This is not on me, and i couldnt predict the servers would crash at this moment. I request at least my ticket back, or I'm quitting the game and never donating a single dollar again.
  5. Thank you so much for your immediate response. I couldn't have asked for more, your assistance just made my day
  6. @Hawluchaa @Glaciate I'm not implying anything, but can you please check if Xnas and Tashrick accs belong to the auctioneer? Relatively fresh accs, short playtime, same country of origin.
  7. @dkim0107 Hey, thanks for showing this to me. Unfortunately, I'm only interested in what I'm asking for, so I'm going to pass.
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