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  1. I just beat the hoenn elite four, I went to find in Symphonia in Saffron city and she wasnt there.. Thought maybe I had beaten her and needed to go to step 2 and Indragiri wasnt in Illex forrest either. Am I doing something wrong? Or maybe I beat them all already? I am just lost, really need some guidance can you tell me where I need to start next or do now to get to Sinnoh???
  2. I play on Silver, usernames are bigdagan and recru i was trading with my friend and decided i would buy his aiegslash, was logged into my two accounts (i use one for the story and i use one to sell/market things on) and accidentally bought it on the wrong account thinking i was on the right one (its hard to tell sometimes) and now ive got a region locked pokemon stuck on it, is there anyway I can get it moved over to the account I was trying to get it on? i didnt intentionally try to get it on this one.. i didnt see the dialogue.
  3. Starting price: 500k Ending point: 24h Minimum raise: 100k Current bid: N/A note: last one sold for 2.5m https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/160187-auctionha-garchomp-sold/
  4. Hi, I really wanted to know if it was allowed to share you account with a friend and allow them to play on it me and my friend were gonna grind together because we have different timezones and wanted to IV train and such so we can get our teams PVP ready. I was concerned and wanted to know if it was bannable for account sharing because we both have different IP address Thank you
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