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  1. I won't comment in context, but next time I will see a sarcastic/disrespectful comment I will just delete it.
  2. I want to clarify something. People talk about usage. If usage matters that much for people, then we should probably unban H.A Blaziken, Shadow Tag and Arena Trap. People can't see the forest for the trees. What about Speed and another Stat passing? Anyone thinks this was used a lot? We unfairly banned it then. I m very old in PRO Staff and the usage "argument"(I can't really count it as valid one) was always brought up by people who wanted something untouched. Also it would be good if the discussion include the PvP Ladder tournament and the impact of Baton Pass there. Countering Baton Pas
  3. @Jimmyspan7 The example was before the time stamps implementation in PMs. If users have timestamps enabled and there is proof that the offer was before yours, I don't really understand why you continue to say that the Pokemon should be forced to you. It was an example, since we couldn't prove who offered first. Auction was handled correctly. PS. I implemented a clarification in that example.
  4. The Pokemon was tranferred to Silver Server. Should be fixed now.
  5. We don't continue auctions on forums at own discretion. Your auction had rules and you violated them. I suggest you to read Auction Guide. Auction started and had 14 hours. You delayed auction ending "just because" you wanted it. Pokemon was forced moved to Norex, money was reversed appropriately and the appropriate punishment was given. Thanks for understanding. Regards, Logan -Locked-
  6. Will you change your Shop name alone or you will let me to force the change?
  7. Hello. The auction started at 14:20 GMT 0. This user offered on 14:20 but with your local time. Not forums global time. You posted the auction winning bid on 13:22 GMT 0. Auction has to be continued for another 1 hour. I believe your mistake was genuine and no punishment will be issued. Inform the buyer that they have to return the Pokemon so you can continue the auctionf or another 1 hour. Post it here and handle the auction yourself. If buyer refuses to comply, contact me. Regards, Logan
  8. Pokemon was sold for 2m. The actual auctioneer is not the owner of the Pokemon. It would be a mess to force back the trade and do the auction again, because the Pokemon is not Auctioneer's property. Everything will stay as it is to avoid further mess and proper actions will be taken in order to ensure that these people will follow Trade Rules and by extension Auction Rules from now on. Sorry for the trouble and the time wasted here. Regards, Logan
  9. You need to move Shiny/Special Pokemon in the appropriate subforum. Please fix it.
  10. @ledow301 I am sorry, I understand what you mean. Although, you should know the rules yourself no? You accepted to get that Pokemon when the auction was not finished yet. If you want the Pokemon you will pay the insta. Else, Kuto might state that he deserves the Pokemon with offer 1.25m. You guys need to be careful and follow the rules and if a seller doesn't respect the rules, you shouldn't accept any rule breaking in order to get a Pokemon cheaper. I will force the trade myself. Seller didn't do that in order to get more money, even more, he could get more money in the first place, he ju
  11. Ok will you all be able to be online tomorrow at 15/02/200 time 14:00 GMT+0?
  12. @ExoJhay222 You are not allowed to call out publicly. People do mistakes and are punished for them. Humiliating them publicly will be not tolerated. This is an official warning from PRO Staff. Regards
  13. I see 02 Speed. Fix your title, before I force it fixed please. Regards
  14. Hello. You have to adjust your thread with the Trade Forum Rules as following: Please do it as soon as possible. Regards
  15. Hello. You have to adjust your thread with the Trade Forum Rules as following: Please do it as soon as possible. Regards
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