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  1. i dont have a screenshot but i was able to climb the rocks to access saphrir boss without having the move rock climb to any of my pokemon.i tried it again but this time it showed i need rock climb.but im pretty sure i dident have rock climb move or tool with me
  2. mummy pharais npc in murky town can take you back to the last region you were in
  3. yes im in silver and i msged you to talk to time
  4. We dont know exactly but it was said on the q&a-stream it may last until the start of the xmas event on the 1st of december but they werent sure about it yet, so it may end earlier than that
  5. almost any pokemon work for story but mainly growlithe need jolly nature with good spd and atk ivs
  6. you have to beat horon boss without any of your pokes fainting in the battle and he will reset darkai in alucard castle for you.
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