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  1. @PisForPenguinnever realised that thanks fr the info.This thread can be closed now
  2. as shown in pic i have put min rating off opponents i find in pvp to 100 ,but i found a opponent with 105 rating
  3. -1 i kind of feel like only the experienced players have a chance to win this league then with new/medium players losing interest soon.With this,many elite pvpers will have a chance to get extra rewards other than pvp coins so i prefer a quest where everyone has a fair chance to win even if that quest is hard.I mean most of the time we can win solo quests with trash lvl 100s.
  4. +1 It would be kinda good for newbies to get motivated for hunting and actually get anything from the trash pokes they have in pc This way people can get something from for all those wasted pokeballs spent and getting something is better than nothing as you said.But im not sure something like this would get implemented considering that the game needs money sinks too...
  5. You actually get volcarona wings not volcanion wings.Check if you have it.It is also possible you have got volcarona Wings earlier also,the reward can be attained only one time.
  6. for the record i dident say anything toxic in my reply i just said my opinion and the consequences of your suggestion on the game.
  7. -1 its the whole thing about pokemon games,catching pokemon based on your luck and train them.Having making ivs visible will reduce the money used to buy pokeballs which would affect the economy heavily.Also all poke pokemon encounters are RNG so it should be as it is since if not the game would be too easy.I mean for example you were waling across a patch of grass,encounter a wild riolu,but since you dont have time you just run away from it.But if its ivs are visible and if you see its an epic poke you would catch it at that moment.If this kind of thing happened repeatedly,it would destroy the economy since many people would find epic pokes easily without a sweat.
  8. -1, as mentioned above ash hat should not be tradeable because it must be a reward for picking the only low tier starter which can also be captured in viridian forest,while the others are rarer .so even if you picked a starter other than Pikachu,you can still hunt for it easily in viridian.also in the first place,Pikachu was the starter of ash Ketchum also so I like the way it has similar points with the anime.so it should be an item exclusive to players who chose pika starters and not made tradeable since most event obtainable items in game are not tradeable as well
  9. i agree but PRO is not only about hunting,doing quests are also a part of it,so dont make the quests we have easier since you need to work for something you need.If you dont agree,just buy lvl services and hapiness train it,as stated before,which will only leave you the work of hapiness training it.
  10. -1 As some people already said,pro needs to be hard and we need to work to get what we need.As for the thing you said about after selling a pokemon the seller losing all claims on that pokemon is true,but its stilll HIS ot .OT= original trainer as stated before.So how can we replace the buyer's name there when it specifically says "original". Also we cant solve everything with using money and buying what we want.Pls dont make the game easier than it is now
  11. i dont have a screenshot but i was able to climb the rocks to access saphrir boss without having the move rock climb to any of my pokemon.i tried it again but this time it showed i need rock climb.but im pretty sure i dident have rock climb move or tool with me
  12. mummy pharais npc in murky town can take you back to the last region you were in
  13. yes im in silver and i msged you to talk to time
  14. We dont know exactly but it was said on the q&a-stream it may last until the start of the xmas event on the 1st of december but they werent sure about it yet, so it may end earlier than that
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