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  1. Noted, auction will end in 12AM 21/07/2021 GMT +7 ( 11 hours left )
  2. Hello everyone! Today i bring charizard to auction s.o for 1m Min raise 100k Insta 3m Auction will end in 1 day after the first bid. Have fun ^^!
  3. @Suddenmuanga u win auction. Pm me discord hia#5331
  4. 1.2m by @ScarletWiitch
  5. Noted, auction will end in 16:30 13/7 gmt+7.
  6. Auction chimchar 31/30 s.o 1m min raise 200k 2 days after the first bid. accept cc as 370k, reroll ivs as 750k
  7. S.o 20m Min raise 1m Insta 45m 2 days after the first bid. Accept cc as 380k, rr 750k
  8. i see, so flamethrower not gain more damage when sun, and solar beam need 2 turn to atk? right?
  9. I tried to test my altaria ability cloune nine. when switch to rain weather, but weather still. i tried to use psyduck, and the weather disappear. Help me pls.
  10. Event form: Summer Time investment: 2 hours. Possibly interest to join staff either as Pixel Artist or Coin Shop icon creator: no Graphic: Summer hawaii Fossil pokemon don't have any form, so i hope we can add some rare form for fossil pokemon.
  11. Our time was diffent. I help bestmew bid 1.150
  12. Impish end?, i checked the link and they already end 1h3p ago
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