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  1. When windows protected your pc shows up click on more info and click run anyway
  2. hey , is your shop active stil? if yes i would like to buy the keldeo quest , i have done till the 3 lever part , so most part of the quest is already done
  3. Hey , I think I won tell me when you will be online , if I am unable to become online pls ask any mod to force trade
  4. @Eon @Hawluchaa pls trade it back to me as soon as possible
  5. I mistakly lended my sinno bisharp to a hoenn story player for gym , I gave him two pokes rotom was hoenn he will give back after his use but bisharp is sinno can any staff help me get it back, Gold server , the one who I lended to = mxhardy
  6. For now I have bought another charmander and shown it works but pls fix this
  7. Now I don't need to make him charmander again it is fine as it is now
  8. I accidently evolved my charmander while giving it rc , can any staff help? It was charmander I axcidently evolved it to charneleon and then I thought I should I should evolve to charizard because I thought I can't undo mistakly evolving , can any staff help?
  9. @Exotycis this a bug or is something wrong with charmander
  10. Hey , after hunting for hours I caught this charmander Yea , I know its thrash but still it have what it takes to enter mega chari y quest , in YouTube it says requirment is right nature which I have and 90+ IVs my charmander has 92 IVs . here are two screenshot of YouTube But still oak says its too weak
  11. Are you tired of going to next page after next page to take a poke? You can do this trick Step 1 take the poke you want to place For example I took raikou Step 2 replace the poke you wanna place with Pokémon you want to remove from the page you can place the removed poke to any other page and done , this is a small and simple guide hope it helps
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