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  1. well basicly insta price is 1 pokedollar then xd anyone could just insta easily
  2. Hello, selling my shiny dragonite which can be used for a shiny Rain Team or as a MixAttacker, best of success S.O. 17m Min bid. 250k insta = 40m Accepted Payments: CC : 350k Iv-Reroll : 500k Nature reroll : 250k 72hours after 1st bid
  3. yea want for my collection too, one of my favorite megas when i decided to resell it ill try to contact you first and you can have it for 10m
  4. tell me when ur at vermi so we can trade, and gg @Isildurr2x mate hope you find a better one
  5. for the respect of the last bidder before me ( @Isildurr2x )the auction gets extended by 15min after each last bid
  6. you have to provide a screenshot as proof if you mention a c.o.
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