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  1. Price dropped, if there wont be any bid within 24hours I'm gonna cancel the auction and keep it. Start : 5M Min Bid. 250k No Insta 48 hours from the start bid Accepted Payments: Pokedollar IV Reroll Ticket 750k Nature Reroll Ticket 370k Coin Capsule 370k The Pokemon is in Gold Server I am willing to transfer.
  2. close before anyone bids. did a mistake with the poke. sorry
  3. i think your talkng about nature reroll not iv reroll. cuz IV reroll cost around 750-800k fyi.
  4. @Rumbleking sorry had a 1.9m (5cc) offer before thats why i set it to 2m
  5. Trade has been done, the auction can be closed. forgot to take ss cuz was in a rush sry
  6. s.o. 2m min. bid. 200k Insta 15m 24hours after the first bid is made. (will put a countdown link after 1st bid is there) here Im selling my one of the rarest shinys. only a few available in server. Accepted Payments 1rr = 770k nature rr = 370k cc = 370k rc = 7k
  7. mate you there ? waiting for you still
  8. Congratulations mate you won the auction with 400k. PM me pls when you are online so we can finish the transaction.
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