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  1. thanks, ill transfer tonight most likely if nothing goes wrong, in worse circumstances tomorrow if thats ok.
  2. Q25

    IV-Swap Ticket

    that usually happens after changes, its not always fair for the past occasions. and i used many many many rerolls and stopped using them now. changes are there for making things better for the future. past occasions may suffer but is more beneficial for the long run.
  3. Q25

    IV-Swap Ticket

    yea sounds good but dont think it would be balanced like that. atleast with IV-Swap you are forced to swap a Good IV with a Bad one. but with a single iv reroll the odds are higher to get desired iv. the idea of the rerolls are not to get your best ivs as fast as possible, but rather have desired IVS with RNG. with swap iv would be balanced atleast imo.
  4. Q25

    IV-Swap Ticket

    Hello, a suggestion maybe that we could get a IV-Swap ticket ? that gives us the chance to swap SPATK with ATK for example, since the reroll system on legendaries are very RNG and Costly this would maybe ease us on some pokes. for example i spend 40+ iv rerolls only on my keldeo and still have a bad one with not even max speed. but with this it could lower the big RNG of getting a useable one. i know that the reroll tickets are suppose to be costly but the RNG is too big. atleast a ticket that could change the desired IV with something else would help many people getting the desired poke with useable ivs.
  5. yea for sure, but that suggestion was made many times ig
  6. Hello, small suggestion which would give us all a quality of life in pro. can we have a button like the "default/Sort by Name/Sort by Level"or when we type "shiny" / "form" in the PC that we can find all of them in one place easily ? like this maybe
  7. can we get a clarification what happend to this auction ? who won and if the auction is valid since the seller is suspended, ty in advance mods
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