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  1. 300k for the 3? Fair price for a new noob girl who is short on money
  2. Wtb Pawniard lvl 41 HP water Drifloom hp steel Ghastly 31/31 150k
  3. Alo Marowak S.O 400k Raise 50k 48 hrs bid best of luck
  4. 48 hrs Auction Start from first bid. Starting offer 350k min raise 50k Insta 1m
  5. S.O 500k Min raise 100k Time : 24 hours after first offer If someone bids last 5 min add 5 min Insta 1.4m
  6. Auction. SO 500k Min raise 100k Auction Time 72 hrs from first bid. Insta 2.4m
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