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  1. I would like to buy pokemon. Please add me on discord Ralphryders#1267
  2. Hello please reach out to me on discord, I couldnt find you on discord.... Ralphryders#1267 I'm interested in some pokemons. Thank you
  3. 250k Umbreon, If I pay with coin capsule do you pay the difference cause its worth more than the umbreon? Please message me on Discord @Ralphryders#1267
  4. Do you have any untrained/story pokemon for Johto? In need of a full team of untrained but decent level. I have 2 rare candies and a little bit of pokedollars.
  5. Hello - I figured I'd ask here. I just started the Johto journey and realize my pokemon from Kanto cant be used. I'm hoping to get some free untrained pokemon that are at a decent level to use on the story so I can go back to Kanto. Any help would be appreciated. Please feel free to reach out to me on Discord @Ralphryders#1267. If I can get a decent team from you, I have two rare candies I can part ways with. Thanks
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