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  1. Hey, as you might know H.Ackerman is a NPC located to vermilion who let us submit mysterious ticket for Broken Island. When you submit a ticket he says "No problemo, if your guild doesn't submit 20 tickets before the 7 you'll get your ticket back." BUT, I have never see it again Since it worth 300k it would be nice if I could get it back. Ty for reading, I hope it will be fixed soon.
  2. Hey, I'm selling this frog Start 300k Insta 1m End 24h after first bid Min raise 100k
  3. 15 min left (15 min rules) GL co6m by flowless
  4. Hey, there is only 15h25 left. GL everyone.
  5. C.O 3m8 by Aurorus (edit : you can contact me by discord Gozer#4507)
  6. Hello. WTS my fresh caught. Even hp ice . Start 2m Min raise 250k Accept cc = 375k, rc = 5k, rr = 650k, salac berries 1k. Insta 15m End 52h (2days 4hrs) after first bid Have fun :)
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