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  1. Hi every one I am selling mount and items So payment method are- Pokedollars Rare candy - 8k Shiny pokemon ( any but not rattata ) - 70k Master ball - 40k Nature retroll ticket - 350k IV Retroll ticket - 700k Mounts 1-Shiny charlizard mount - 430k 2-Shiny mantile surf mount - 420k You can take seprate dont thing that you need to take both mounts at one time Total of mounts - 850k Items and clothes 1-Electric cloak - 160k 2-Electric hood - 150k 3-Purple sunglasses - 150k Total of clothes - 460k Total all things - 1.3M Don't feel shy to offer Thank you for visiting ING - Arnabh
  2. I will do train system of kanto and jonto and hoenn service Total price 800k
  3. Join Love guild I will msg his leader to guild invite you in vermilion
  4. Are you selling jet ski I want if you are selling I want to exchage for my shiny mount
  5. Buy this , are you accepting rotom wash backpack for this pokemon
  6. You can change server from dashboard
  7. I also want to join I have done all regions and opened celurean cave and I have 300hrs of play and I don't use dc
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