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  1. Hello all, First of, I will be moving this thread to the rightful subforum as this is a Special Pokemon. SHINY AND SPECIAL POK√ČMON - SILVER Now, regarding the insta. This auction started with a 5m insta, which was later changed to 8m and then removed. @Gkantemis You are not allowed to edit or remove an Insta if the auction started with one. Since this auction started with a 5m auction, the insta made by @Renaciente is valid. Please make sure to not edit your auction parameters in the future @Gkantemis Kind Regards, * Zoruami *
  2. Hello all, Please make sure to change your bids that don't have ''k'' on it, otherwise they will might not be valid. After this warning, every bid that doesnt have the ''k'' on it, unless they explicitly state 380.000 won't be valid! Keep this in mind going forward. Kind Regards, * Zoruami *
  3. Hello all, Using GMT 0 onwards: Time: 48 hours after first bid Start: 14/1 3:27AM The Start Price was of 500k, not 250k! So the auction started when the first bid was 500k or higher End: 16/1 3:27AM Winner: @Suncity with a 1m25k bid made at 16/1 2:46AM @Keny95 You have been punished for poorly handling this auction. Sadly the pokemon cannot be recovered, @Suncity apologies for this situation... Kind Regards, * Zoruami *
  4. Hello, Please make sure that you dont do this again in the future, we will allow it this one time only! When you place a bid on a pokemon, you must keep the funds until outbid or auction ends and you must stay on the server the auction is taking place. @Dani4123 Please make sure to contact @Sirc3ntury to finish this deal. Kind Regards, * Zoruami *
  5. Hello all, I have forced this auction outcome since the seller hasnt been online for a good period of time. Kind Regards, * Zoruami *
  6. Hello @Snoopdogginson Please confirm if you have got the pokemon in your account now. Kind Regards, * Zoruami *
  7. Hello all, I would like to apologise publicly to @Lyn1311 for my blunder. The End Point not being clear made me to overlook his trade logs, and see that he didn't have the means because the pokemon had been traded already. @Brianvs23 A few things I wish you to fix for your next auctions to avoid any mistakes, confusions and setbacks: First, once you sell your pokemon, announce it here with a SS of the Trade Window: At last, The Start/End Point is dubious, you have said 13hours 00:00 time Spain. Does it mean 13 hours after first bid? 13 hours auction after the thread is created? Will end at 00:00 Spain Time, and if so what day? It's unclear the end of this auction. If I go with 13 hours after thread creation, the End Point would be 17/1 11:58AM Spain (GMT +1). I will be using the time from your Chat Logs in game, where you have claimed that the auction was ending at 17/1 00:00 GMT+1 With that said, the winner was @Lyn1311 with a 50m1 bid, after multiple 15min rule was triggered. Since the trade has happened I will lock this thread as completed, the correct outcome had been set. I would like once more to apologise for my mistake, was a massive underlook from my side. Also, @Mythicallegend Please be careful with the bids you make '27' without the mentioning of K or M can be voided! You must explicity state the amount or 'k' // 'm'. You have forgot in 2 of your bids, and since all other had it, to not damage this auction and the seller, we will consider only this once your bids! Kind Regards, * Zoruami *
  8. Hello, I have forced this auction. The money was deposited in @Aniket001 account. Kind Regards, * Zoruami *
  9. Hello all, @Xskyver You have been punished for False Offering/Bidding. I will be voiding this auction as the runner-up is not clear on who to be, @Leeluckyastated to start Shiny and Timid, since there's 2 shiny ones, it's unclear if it had started this one aswell. @Felixju Please make sure to always clearly ask for the correct information on your auctions to avoid any confusion. Kind Regards, * Zoruami *
  10. Hello @Leeluckya Please do not consider this 1m10k a valid bid as the player doesnt have any funds. Kind Regards, * Zoruami *
  11. Hello @Pnk588 You are not allowed to start your own auction. The start bid was from @Gonx2 at 13/1 4:05PM GMT 0, which means the End Point was 14/1 4:05PM GMT 0. The winner of the auction was Gonx2 with the starting bid of 100k. @Pnk588 @Gonx2 Please contact one another to finish this auction. Can either be in game, forums dms, in this thread or share discords to contact one another. Trade Moderators are here to rectify issues that are out of player control, we are not here for the sake of convenience. Kind Regards, * Zoruami *
  12. Hello @Silvercrow7 As Innerfocus had warned you already you can only bump your thread only once every 24hours, since you didn't respect his warning you have been punished. Kind Regards, * Zoruami *
  13. Hello all, @Tsushima You state that the C.O. was of 1.1m but have never provided evidence of said bid, please provided it here or even stated from whom. If you meant to say the Start Point was 1.1m you should use the correct terminology, for that I suggest you to read Trade Rules Also, be more clear on the start point next time, stating 24hours is vague and since nothing said, it counts after thread creation. Now regarding the winner of this auction, @Pepemelenas you have won with a 1.2m bid please make sure to reach out to @Tsushima @Tsushima I will also ask you to try to contact the winner of the auction. Trade Moderators are here to rectify issues that are out of player control, we are not here for the sake of convenience. Kind Regards, * Zoruami *
  14. Hello all, @Vk1999 You have been punished for False Offering/Bidding on this auction. Bids cannot be withdraw once placed and you must keep them until you are outbidded or the Auction reach its conclusion. With that said, the C.O. is from @Snoopdogginson with 1.4m bid. Kind Regards, * Zoruami *
  15. Hello all, @Rascalisme You have been punished for False Bidding/Offering when you do not have the funds, not in your alternative account or not on your main account. With that said, @Lunsant1998 since you are the runner-up with a 300k bid, do you wish to keep your 300k bid and win the Frokie? If ytou so please, Tag me with your reply and contact @Xxxrosxxx @Xxxrosxxx Apologies for the inconvenience, but also keep in mind for the next auctions to state clearly the end point. ''24 hours after start'' After start can lead to multiple understandings. Is it after the start point is met? After first bid? After thread creation? Kind Regards, * Zoruami *
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