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  1. hi u can join us.ragnarok guild .we r top 3 of silver discord;samivhai#8415
  2. Here a example of my team.it is so good! Yeah that also work!
  3. Excuse me, My boss team always win with boss Chuck. If u confuse with that u can try with my team. Again machamp miss his attack!!
  4. Hi there. I would like to say there is a shiny munchlax at munchlax resort which is hungry & asked rare candy . If we give it rare candy it help us to travel fluffles wonderland where a boss name cie located. At first munclax will ask u 2 rare candy later it will charge 3 rare candy from u . So it would be better if rare candy charge will be decrease like 1 or 2 or we can pay 2500 pokedollar for travel Fluffles wonderland or make it free! I hope it will be better for all of us. Best regards, sayan12345678
  5. Give me ur golduck,whimsicott & venomth.XD
  6. +1. Ur suggestion is amazing.It will be help us both hunting &lvl up doing story. Keep going ...
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