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  1. Saludos, @FabiojouYT Haz que tu Chansey se debilite en un combate y sigue derrotando Pokemon hasta que vuelva a tener 255 de felicidad. Entonces, debería permitirte evolucionarlo.
  2. @ppboycn Apologies for the delay. Your account should now be fixed. Could you check ingame?
  3. @Behoni Apologies for the inconvenience and the delayed response. I found no issues related to your account. It might have been caused by specific server issues a few days ago. I will still take a look and get in contact with you if there's any issues! Kind regards, Kvar
  4. @daanii108 Greetings, This is a possible discrepancy sometimes in the MS duration regarding Reborn Bot's data. Your MS will run out in around 5 hours. Quick, use the last hours wisely! Kind regards, Kvar
  5. Greetings, @DJHeero Welcome back to the game! This issue is normally caused by a required Merge of your account's old progress back in Red and Blue servers, which can be performed in the Dashboard. Could you log in and check if you are able to merge? Your progress was in Red Server. If you have already merged, could you tell me if you are able to log in Silver Server now?
  6. As mentioned above, this ability and other moves/abilities will be coded slowly as the game gets updated Kind regards, Kvar
  7. @Sahka The move Icicle Spear has no priority (+0). The move Ice Shard has +1 priority. Jolly Cloyster can reach 262 speed, Adamant Dragonite reaches 259, however, it can Dragon Dance once to boost itself to 388 Speed. Mega Garchomp can reach 283, so it will be faster. Tyrantrum can reach 265 with a Jolly Nature, and can be Scarfed if Adamant. As your doubts have been resolved, I will now lock this thread.
  8. @LeGeNdBrOpp Apologies for the inconvenience. This is caused due to the geographical location of specific players. For the rest, this number is displayed properly. Kind regards, Kvar
  9. @popopop1279 Apologies for the inconvenience. This issue has been known for some time already and our Developers will fix it whenever possible. Kind regards, Kvar
  10. @anson4416 Apologies for the inconvenience. Could you attach a screenshot of the error you are getting?
  11. @Thesaml Apologies for the inconvenience. Were you able to reset your password and log ingame?
  12. @Buckyman21 Apologies for the delay. Are you still stuck?
  13. Locked as solved ingame
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