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  1. Kvar


    Greetings, @horace123 @Rayn139 Apologies for the inconvenience. Our servers are currently experiencing issues and our developers are working on them. Please, check the Official PRO Discord to be updated on the latest maintenance and status updates on the servers. Kind regards, Kvar
  2. Glad to know your issue was resolved I will now lock this thread. Kind regards, Kvar
  3. Greetings, @Ahir Regrettably, there is no way we can refund the PvP rating rollback caused by a Server Crash. Rest assured that our developers are working on the current server crashes after the most recent maintenance. We understand this is not the answer you might've wanted, but we regret to tell you we cannot compensate you in any manner. Kind regards, Kvar
  4. Greetings, @Jhonplay357 @H2720 @Berko20 @Hoangbichht Both Servers are currently up and running. The servers were momentarily down due to a quick maintenance. To keep up to date with maintenances, please join the Official PRO Discord Server. Kind regards, Kvar
  5. @Kreamy1 Could you try walking back to Route 103 and see if you can refight the boss Charon? If not, could you screenshot yourself in Route 103?
  6. Greetings, @Kreamy1 Could you specify on which fight you were logged out during the quest? I checked your thread and the issue is currently known, but we need more information to proceed further.
  7. Greetings, @AdityaHitman Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do as this was a miscalculation on the damage that was going to be dealt by the player. Counter did the intended damage mechanic here, but Medicham was barely able to survive the hit. Counter will deal 2 times the exact damage that was received by the move's user in the same turn, as long as this damage was dealt by a physical move. Thus, leveling up your Medicham more will increase its Max HP, which will in turn increase the damage that will be countered with the move, as more HP will be depleted when Medicham hits you. Thus, just level up a few more levels and retry the same strategy!
  8. Greetings, @AegisLavender Starting from a relatively recent update, any OT Pikachu can learn Surf. However, there are incompatibilities with Pikachu's egg moves (from Pichu). Could you try forgetting Nasty Plot and then teaching it Surf? Looking forward to your response.
  9. Glad to know your issue has been resolved I will now lock this thread. Kind regards, Kvar
  10. Greetings, @Dexy You must show the NPC an EV trained pokemon whose Speed IV is very high. You are in the right way! Try to EV Train your Metang
  11. Greetings, @Bhargavpro As mentioned above, to be able to successfully complete the Mew Quest, you need: -The SEEN Data of ALL Kanto Pokemon from the number 1 to the number 150. -The CAUGHT Data of ALL Kanto Pokemon from the number 1 to the number 150, EXCEPT for Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos and Mewtwo. For the Mew Quest, you only need their Seen Data. -71 Evolved Data in your Pokedex (you already meet this requirement). When you complete these requirements, you can talk to the Know It All Room NPC (as you did above) to obtain the Old Sea Map and continue the quest. I hope this has cleared your doubts.
  12. Kvar


    Greetings, @Bilytkdi There's no objective or real easiest place to capture Wingull. One suggestion is that you try surfing in Route 104, as it is a comfortable place in Hoenn to hunt for Wingull Let me know if you need anything else.
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