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  1. The Servers have a cap of 1800 (Correct me if i am wrong) The way the game is coded it can not support more then 1800. the current players are exeeding 1800 on red and blue so they added yellow.
  2. The true question is can that team beat the E4 :D
  3. What is stupid is you think a Pokemon game would require as much ram as World of Warcraft. That is what is stupid.
  4. no problem happy to help even if i was a bit slower.
  5. Hair: 21 = Pink 25,26 = Brown 25 light 26 dark Clothing: 0 = Red 1 = Blue 2 = Green 3 = Purple 4 = Yellow 5 = Orange Also nothing embarrassing about being colour blind
  6. I just want to know did you get to keep it?
  7. Well in the term of raids it would really not be that hard to make the real problem would be the ballancing. Since you could easily use the concept of double battles in pokemon and then instead of just two people make it 5-6 people and bam you have 6v1 boss battles but how would you balance it? For starters you would need to have custom made boss mobs that have health grater then the equal of the average of 6 units and probably even more at that. Damage wise it could be no better then it currently is in game. Healing wise would it be potions or would you make it so trainers would have to dedicate 1-2 members of the group to having pokemon that can use healing skills. Tank well i don't think this would be an option since for it all to work relativity well you would want the boss to hit more then one pokemon at a time otherwise it would just get static. All in all i don't think the idea of raids is a good idea :D Factions on the other hand, It could work Once players have beaten both E4's give them a option to join "Red" or "Blue" by joining one you are setting your self in stone. There could be daily quests with rewards such as "Capture 5 pikachus for the grater cause" You would hand in the 5 and get a reward depending on what the gm's found to be suitable. There could be also inter faction pvp where the top faction at the end of the season (a month? or more?) could gain access to custom made area that has pokemon a bit higher in level then the cerulean cave? for leveling purposes. Although if this was added it would also have to be made so 1 faction could not be more then 2-3% bigger then the other. I don't really know just some ideas.
  8. Hello all, I am CavemanOhYea but you can just call me CavemanOhYea. Jokes aside i am new to this server playing on (Blue) and i came here from a different pokemon mmo. I am 21 years old. I like good food and i love pokemon. Looking forward to playing with people on "Blue"
  9. on a scale of 1 to screwed ima say you are a 9.screwed
  10. This is basically how the Subway system works in PRO. Except you aren't required to have the move (fly) on your Pokemon. That is true but the difference is you can't go to specific maps only from subway to subway, It really doesn't bother me just though i would chuck an idea out there. (Also if i remember subway is 120k to buy and 2k per ride) where for fly i am sugesting 4k min and up to 10k
  11. Why not add fly and make it cost 4-10k to fly to a place depending on how far it is away from where you are.That way people are given the ability to fly but it still keeps the money sink you are after in the game.You could also make it so you can't fly to certain areas that require cable cars etc to get there if they do have a higher cost. Money sink right there.
  12. You told your personal opinion and I told mine. No polemic. It's just I don't agree with yout suggestion. You need to think of the bigger picture not everyone has 20/20 vision. I am fine with how it is my self but there are people who could use a bigger size so they could see it better.
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