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  1. Just wanted to thank you for posting on my thread or at the very least letting me know, so that I could stop constantly looking and changing the data people were leaving on my spreadsheet.
  2. Thanks, I have added it to the sheet.
  3. Just use gyazo. Once installed, you can pin the program to your task bar. Clicking it allows you to click and drag to create a region for screen capture. release the region and your browser will open with your image and link. You can edit the image for 30 days or so.
  4. I actually verified the one that did not say whether ms was required, as half of the same data said it was needed, half said it wasn't. I will change it to MS only now I have visual proof, thanks. People constantly submit duplicate data (which is good as the more people who say the same thing, there higher chance it is correct). I will start deleting data that is added to the verified tab though once it is no longer needed, good suggestion.
  5. As I stated on an older Hoenn thread, while it is true- I doubt anyone would go to the trouble of posting false information. And even if they do, the 'confirmed' tab only gets updated when multiple unique players submit the same data, or someone provides me with proof of a spawn location. Thanks for the info, I will remove them from the sheet.
  6. Thanks, but the praise should go out to all those dedicated players filling the sheet up! I just keep it tidy and confirm data :)
  7. Re: Hoenn Spawn Data <t>Just a heads up, the spreadsheet has been well received and already has a good number of spawn locations.<br/> It would be worth checking out if you haven't already!</t>
  8. Re: Hoenn Spawn Data <r>Posting your dex pages like below is appreciated if you cannot be bothered to manually enter them all!<br/> <IMG src="https://images-2.discordapp.net/.eJwFwdENhSAMAMBdGIAWHqHUbQgQNFFLoH6Zt7t3r3nmaTazq461AdRjFZnVLpWZe7NdpJ8tj2PZIhdk1Vz2q926wAXE6Hz6RUyeKZAHxz4y-cSBKAVGRqh23N38PzlnIEM.s5WoAgRTp9IY1rJAGre0hJjR580.png"><s></e></IMG></r>
  9. Hi, First off, all credit to shinrak25072 for setting up a thread regarding this. However, my way of doing it seems more efficient and since people are already using and viewing it- seems wanted. Basically, go to the following link to enter any data you find about where Pokemon spawn. https://goo.gl/forms/8k9Lw8ShpfFfh7RI3 To view all the current data go to https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19zttE1kZlB9wo9eMbiR4hruYdrXk65KHmTqTkdtAT8g/edit?usp=sharing To confirm data, either right-click on the cell and leave a comment or post in this thread, the evidence is preferred but not r
  10. I agree people can post false information, be it by accident or purpose. However, the spreadsheet updates data that looks extremely similar-- if you see incorrect data you can just submit the correct one. The spreadsheet will overwrite. You can leave a comment on the spreadsheet once things are confirmed and I can lock them. Edit: Have added every pokemon spawn on this post so far.
  11. Hate to crash the party, but how about we all use this form, so all information is collated on a spreadsheet? https://goo.gl/forms/8k9Lw8ShpfFfh7RI3 Results can then be viewed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19zttE1kZlB9wo9eMbiR4hruYdrXk65KHmTqTkdtAT8g/edit?usp=sharing If data entries are confirmed, just make a comment on the spreadsheet and I will add it to the locked tab.
  12. First off (and no offence Dupy) ignore the guy above-- it's extremely impracticable to write a script if you haven't even gotten the basics down. I'd start off with an easy (but powerful) language, like Python and Javascript. Buy yourself an Arduino or raspberry pi and make your own projects. If you want to skip those (if you have prior knowledge) I'd recommend starting with C#. C++ is good, but not very user-friendly, plus C# is used in a lot more open projects. As for designing, pretty much all codes incorporate design elements. Though most of the time codes are combined, e.g you write th
  13. In what way does the people that already traveled to Hoenn lose if other people get it for free? But I get, thanks! That's the point! That rattata leveling waste us more money and time and do you want us that you guys can travel for free without hardwork ? Can I just point out that the OP stated he wasn't complaining, nor asking for the requirement to be removed. Can you do me a personal favour and use the normal chat format, rather than that horrendous bold white. Oh and also, why are you referring to the non-staff players as "you guys" as if to include yourself in the staff populous?
  14. There are many people offering to make signatures, try posting in the art shop threads :)
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