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  1. Insta, gold. In-game nick: vastik
  2. Since no one offered what I wanted, I'll close this auction, if any mod can lock it would be better. If anyone is interested in one of this pokemons I still have them. Just PM in discord so we can negociate. vastik#9001
  3. don't get me wrong but I think offering 400k on this medicham is kinda offensive
  4. Hey everyone I'm auctoning this 4 max spd OU Pokémons. At the moment I'm at Silver Server so if you want it you have to come here to take (since I just have transfers next month at day 15). Start offers will be in front of each pokémon, no insta prices and the methods of payment are Pokedollars or CC's (350k each one). After first bid the auction will end after 72h. You can bid here, in-game or by speaking with me in discord : vastik#9001 SO : 4m SO : 2m SO : 2m SO : 2m HF 4 ALL
  5. Hey all! I ONLY accept CASH, CC : 350k and IV Rerolls : 650k // My discord is vastik#9001 if you are interested in anything and want to negociate between cash/cc/rr HF 3m5 // RESERVED TO @Chillaui 2m 1m 900k 850k 2m // RESERVED TO @Aravind0998 1m5 // RESERVED TO @Aravind0998 1m // RESERVED TO @Aravind0998 removed
  6. I didn't post for long in forum so I apologize myself for this mistake. Thanks so much for your fix, have a good day
  7. Perfect, they are reserveds for you. I'll be in Silver Server in 2 days!
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