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  1. I would agree with 150k, what you think?
  2. The prices are in front of each pokémon, I also accept cc's, nature and iv rerolls. My discord: vastik#9001 Im open to receive offers around that prices 31 speed - 2m hp ice - 2,5m hp fire - 1,2m 2m 1m 700k SOLD 2,5M
  3. I take a look in comments, many people crying because Ninja got banned, theres no reason for it, you still have Kecleon xD
  4. I agree 98% of your post, very well spoken. However I think the ban on greninja/mawile/sableye was to be expected
  5. Had more to say, wise words @teerav and good suggestion
  6. > Greninja well banned > Sableye well banned > Mawile deserves a test > Metagross didn't deserve ban (I think its balanced without tapus in game) Just my opinion, in general with this bans pvp will be more healthy
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