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  1. -oops, posted on wrong thread-
  2. I wish you a well future and good luck. It was pleasant to be able to talk to you in IRC a whole bunch!
  3. Re: My maps ^^ <t>Do you have any kind of way to preview/play your maps with a similar system to PRO? As in walk around with collisions, and top layer lapping?<br/> <br/> If you don't, would you want something like that?</t>
  4. I'll be doing dovepaw619's and yours later today!
  5. I'd really~ love to see some more of your work! :D
  6. Thank you, NanoLuck! I'll work on it very shortly. :)
  7. I suggest Mankey or Poliwag on Route 22.
  8. That won't work. Sure maybe it'd destroy AHK scripts but it won't battle against network bots unfortunately.
  9. Are you positive you're looking in your Misc Items?
  10. I think a 10 second delay would be nice if it was only for trade chat. I definitely want to see this.
  11. Looking forward to going through all the dig spots again, all of it makes it seem so much more worth it now.
  12. Solo24 PM'd requesting another signature with and without his name, posting here to add onto reference:
  13. I kinda lost the whole red look you have going because Litten is an adorable little ball of furr that reminds me of my kitty, and made the one below. Though I'm going to go ahead and start from scratch again and make a red color style signature as well later today. :) or a simple red version, I'll muster up more one it later today once I wake up and gain my creativity. :P
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