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  1. Yea i know haha, just maybe add it to the post so newer players know it :)
  2. Thats why it should be an device, people cant just make new accounts but have to actually do something to get it. It would decrease the botters already and after 10 repels u have to refill wich decrease the botters aswell
  3. Yes, its me again with an suggestion. So i've been repel hunting for a while on PRO, but the thing that just came to my mind is "An Automatic Repel Device" After completing Hoen region u are able to do a side quest for an "Automatic Repel Device" Its an item u can put repels in and u can choose the amount (Max 10 repels.) An Automatic Repel Activator has been suggested in 2017 (9th August by @CyBeR54) His thread got closed and haven't seen any answers underneath his forum post, thats why im requesting it. :CharYay:
  4. Ohh, i like that idea :D
  5. +1 Would love to see a new wave with outfits
  6. Nice shop, maybe remove sold pokemons ;)
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