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  1. After finishing each trial you need to talk to charlene to begin the next trial and all of my pokemons were lvl 100
  2. To get mega stone for sharpedo and camerupt you need to go to slateport and talk to charlene and participate in hoenn festival. You can only bring 3 pokemons ( one that knows surf / one that knows rock smash and one thats resistant to fire). You need those pokemons to finish 1st place in the trials: !st trial is rock smashing (mine was haxorus) 2nd is for resisting fire (mine was flash fire ninetales) 3rd surf pokemon for surf race( you can use your surf mount) i would advise to take strong pokemons since u will battle lvl 84-86 trainers during the surf race. Once you won all the trials and took 1st place overall you will get both mega stones as a reward . If you lose the trials there is once per in game day cooldwon which means once its 00:01 you can try again if you lost.
  3. medicham needs 100 level the evs dont need to be maxed out since ive done the quest without my medicham being fully trained in that regard
  4. quest for tyranitar mega stone is in saffron - golds gym . You need lvl 100 tyranitar and you need to fight vs npc '' kung fu master'' once you beat all of his pokemons with just your tyranitar you get the stone.
  5. i will buy shiny slowbro and shiny banette pm me in game or on discord
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