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  1. I am back now. I should be on the game in a hour or so.
  2. I actually use an app on my phone when I play the game. It allows me to build my teams deciding on what natures/abilities, IV/EV, and with connection of being able to use the in game Pokédex I can hunt for whatever I need for my team. Also it's super quick for finding out what levels Pokémon evolve or what stones and trades they need.
  3. You may actually be able to avoid doing this by checking for updates for your graphics card. With the update to the graphics card it should run a checksum for the correct .dll files needed to run the game correctly without any visual glitches on your side. If that doesn't work then you will have to repeat the aforementioned fix.
  4. Glad you were able to get it fixed. Chrome beat me to it. I was going to recommend doing the same thing. ^.^
  5. What client type are you using? Also what is your system specs? You can be given more ways of helping if you provide a bit more information via client used and OS of your current system.
  6. I will not be able to get till at least late July or maybe even August. My internet is turned off and I have to obtain funds to get it turned back on. Since I won't be on for a while I will have to do my hugs from here. *Gives Eternal a hug* *Gives Houw a hug* *Gives Rei a hug* and anyone else who might have needed a hug. *Gives everyone a hug* I hope to be back soon and will try and keep up on the forums. ^.^
  7. Everyone was just removed. It was the server going offline or being timed out. It is already back up.
  8. I give hugs and everything I sell is half current market value. Also I go out of my way to trade evo for people who need it? This all happens daily for me. ^.^
  9. If this was to ever happen I would hope that the Staff who put all the hard work into this game. Will take a look at what they have all done and be proud of the community they built and friendships they have created. ^.^ Then they can go and make a new Pokémon game. Be it MMO or just a fan game. If Shane is making it. You can trust me to be there. ^.^
  10. My question is when evolving Pokémon are the stats retroactive to that level. (example: Level 100 Pikachu, evolves into Raichu.) Will the stats be retroactive to the Pokémon's original growth rate or will it's stats change to fit the the evolution form. I ask this because I see people in game leveling their Pokémon to level 99 evolving for the first time. Then evolving to final forms at level 100. To me this doesn't make much since because unless the stats are retroactive to the evolution's level. Then your Pokémon will be significantly weaker compared to a fully evolved Pokémon from earli
  11. It's kinda iffy. In some ways it is an advertisement but I don't see anything wrong with the signature. No provided links or anything like that. So I would say you are safe. But if any staff contact you and tell you to remove it. I would do as they say. ^.^
  12. PvE There are 2 penalties for losing a battle. 1: Your Pokémon lose trust and respect for you. (meaning the lose happiness) 2: You lose funds. So try not to lose. ^.^
  13. Welcome to PRO. ^.^ Glad to see you came out of lurking. Now if we can just get you to be more active in the chat in game. You're signature doesn't seem to be an advertisement unless Takashi's Adventures is a game. If it is then yes I would take it down.
  14. As some people may already know from Red server, My favorite Pokémon is Goodra I am asking in hopes that someone can help me with this. I will try and make it myself if I can't find anyone to do it for me but this is what my request is. Signature: Shiny Goodra (Animated preferred) Hugging me. :Heart: Avatar: Shiny Goodra in the background hugging me (Once again) The avatar doesn't have to be animated but I would like that. If anyone can do this or is interested in helping me let me know here or in a PM. I am willing to pay in game Pokecash no matter the price I will obtain it. ^.^
  15. Yeah they lowered the level to 80. I think it was during a small patch the day before yesterday. It honestly doesn't bother me but I have seen plenty of people complaining in all chat that it isn't fair that they had to already get a level 100 Rattata. Not even sure why they would complain about it in the first place when they are already in the Hoenn Region.
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