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  1. hey Forest curse move. is not working.
  2. @arepaman ->@epithet awnser.
  3. ask someone to Battle you and get defeated is other solution. it will tp you out.
  4. Hello , Morning , 1-In advance check first if the version you download is 32 or 64 bits. To verify if your Windows is 64 or 32 Bits , go Computer (This PC) -> Properties -> at system type. 2- Download is currupted. Delete the last download folder from your "Downloads" Folder , and try to download again at this page: https://pokemonrevolution.net/download 3- Folder unzip; Don't manually unzip-it , just right click, and unzip the folder to where u want to unzip. 4- GPU/ CPU / Directx or Framework Verify if your GPU (graphic card) is update. Verify if your CPU can handle the game (normally only if is age of stone). Verify you have the recent direct x or framework installed - incase of WIN7-WIN8. 5- Antivirus; Can happen if Antivirus Software is blocking and deleting some file, if so disable it and do a exception to that file. I hope i could help.
  5. WELCOME TO VOLDISVASH SHOP! Silver Shop , online 7/24h - GTM+1 London / Lisbon. Payment Rules: Every Pokémon bellow will have a icon, of the option payment, differs from Pokémon in the list below. We don´t accept exchanges for others Pokémons. We ignore any beging players or getting advantage of any situation. Content: By Type List (Price FIX); By Rate List (Price FIX); Capable to Mega - EVO (Price Fix); Pseudo-Legendary List (Price FIX); Actions (Our Rules Bellow); About Us: We sell Pokémons from our OT players team, all legit and double check before, we update the sheet bellow. There's player at game every 7/24H, our delay at delivery is short, we can answer by pm in-game or at forum. Rate: Before selling any Pokémon we check the rate by the following table (Rate Based at 5/10);-(WIP) Calendar - payment & Trade: Before we accept the payment, one of us, will pm inside Game or PM at Forum to do a calendar. Usually after a trade from one day to the next, it doesn't take long (less then 3 hours). Selling: (WIP)
  6. Hello @Shinohara, First of all thanks have a nice year, for you and the other's staff. My Opinion: 1- Enjoyment : Has a 7/10 in general , i enjoyed the hide and seek and the Maze Forest and the height levers on the mountain , oh also i found a bug Alola Golem have the same height as the normal one <.<. I did not like the tax to enter at the event map, because a player like me needs every time to go out to do excavations and newspaper at Sinnoh , so paying 7500k each time is kinda huge price in a week, i suggest next year put free tax, till Xmas is over. Other aspect, that i believe could increase the enjoyment, please make secret stuff random form each player, secret areas, something to discover puzzles inside maps to access something. 2- Quest Difficulty: In fact the difficulty was ok, not to hard not to easy, every player can enjoy . Believe new players cannot do it... but i think is possible with python, define the difficulty with the badges that each player have and calculate the lvl, ofc the final reward will be reduced if so. But in general is a ok. 3- Story 1st time i like a story created by staff, was not forced and was actually cool, without boring parts exept the maze forest but the objective was to find , so, it was really nice. 4-Efford and Rewards. In fact i was waiting for more, is true that Kaldeo is a great pokémon in general, but i think could be like something more, for the time we waste on this event. I was waiting like a Nature or a Iv reroll , or a pack of net, fast, heavy etc etc Pokeballs and the legendary. I believe its all keep safe. Voldis4.
  7. +1 . price is expensive at least if this is update that will be ingame , just remove the fee at xmas and add later on. 7500 every day for me is to expensive, i need to go back to sinnoh every single day for the newspapper miniquest, and i just see my wallet just going down and down to return every day to the event map....
  8. Hello, I started again to playing Pokemon revolution after the xmas event, i need today and is a very good event in my opinion! good job. Now to the topic, So... i dont remember to release this Pokémon to start, i dont even sell it to. All i have is a Picture of it , when i send it to a friend and now i was looking for it and really strange i dont have it at all.... The pokémon is a ARON;id: on photo. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi , This is the region locked, megathread, ask here for support, if this asked question is not answered here. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/129049-url have a nice day,
  10. Hi is there any move tutor Defog for Articuno? Thanks in advance,
  11. HI there , Pokémon revolution is a a Fan Made Game , without lucrative purposes . This game also still BETA , because is still working on progress on main stories and mechanics like moves and abilities. All money received by donations is reverted to stand the servers UP. Staff Members are working to make this game better. have fun.
  12. hi Lillitty, Are you playing on windows /mac or Mobile? At windows or Mac , try to create a new folder open the game in that folder, check if you got any antivirus active / blocking something from the game. Check the drivers updates of your GPU(Graphic Card). also download a version that is the last version of the game. At mobile, only Android Run the game , so before unistall the game clean the cache, and then install the last version of it.
  13. Hi , So your adquire money, whatever will be the method, so: Hunting by item: (i will refer the most used spots for money) Most used Pokémon to hunt Items at Pokémons (Furret ability Frisk + Moves Covet/Thief ) Grimmer , Fiery Path - Item : Nugget Parasect , Mt.silver - Item: Big Mushroom Paras, Mt.Moon - Item: Tiny Mushroom Gulpin, RT.110 - Item: Pearl Hunting for selling: (Normally all Tier 7+ Pokémons most used in pvp, with the correct NATURE+ABILITY) the most harder the most HIgh price is -Exemple: -Froakie (h.a) with good Ivs and correct nature worth a fortune. -Froakie no H.a with good ivs worth less. Locals that have coldown time to get value items: Petalburg Wood - Tiny Mushrooms. Dig Spots - Kanto Jhoto Sinnoh . All Bosses / Mini Bosses from all Regions. All Trainers from Exclusive Areas or High lvl Trainers.
  14. hi , Is located at Oreburgh Gate https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Oreburgh_Gate
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