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  1. Hi , This is the region locked, megathread, ask here for support, if this asked question is not answered here. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/129049-url have a nice day,
  2. Hi is there any move tutor Defog for Articuno? Thanks in advance,
  3. HI there , Pokémon revolution is a a Fan Made Game , without lucrative purposes . This game also still BETA , because is still working on progress on main stories and mechanics like moves and abilities. All money received by donations is reverted to stand the servers UP. Staff Members are working to make this game better. have fun.
  4. hi Lillitty, Are you playing on windows /mac or Mobile? At windows or Mac , try to create a new folder open the game in that folder, check if you got any antivirus active / blocking something from the game. Check the drivers updates of your GPU(Graphic Card). also download a version that is the last version of the game. At mobile, only Android Run the game , so before unistall the game clean the cache, and then install the last version of it.
  5. Hi , So your adquire money, whatever will be the method, so: Hunting by item: (i will refer the most used spots for money) Most used Pokémon to hunt Items at Pokémons (Furret ability Frisk + Moves Covet/Thief ) Grimmer , Fiery Path - Item : Nugget Parasect , Mt.silver - Item: Big Mushroom Paras, Mt.Moon - Item: Tiny Mushroom Gulpin, RT.110 - Item: Pearl Hunting for selling: (Normally all Tier 7+ Pokémons most used in pvp, with the correct NATURE+ABILITY) the most harder the most HIgh price is -Exemple: -Froakie (h.a) with good Ivs and correct nature worth a fortu
  6. hi , Is located at Oreburgh Gate https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Oreburgh_Gate
  7. Hi , Thanks for your opinion. Actually rising up a ratata to lvl 80 is easy. Keep in mind this is a idea can be changed to that "hard requirement".
  8. HI , thanks for your opinion. keep in mind this is a topic for future implementations like i said "Hi , before you comment please read - this is a implementation for future, nothing urgent or whatever. " Thanks.
  9. Hi , before you comment please read - this is a implementation for future, nothing urgent or whatever. Once again i will introduce one of my Ideas. Main objective, Remove the "LVL80 OT- Rattata" and add a side Story to go HOENN, this will affect: 1 - Better content and fun story to go to a new region and also prepare players to it. 2 - Remove the Nonsense objective to rise a KANTO lvl 80 Ratata to never use again. 3- Reward can be the same shiny Ratatta or only the access to Region. What is needed to complete this Idea: 1 - Elite 4 Jhoto Complete. 2 - Text - to Create
  10. HI, I disagree. -1 (logical reasons) The point of transfering main to alt or alt to main will have alot of problems let me explain: 1 - How they will know that account is your alt or your main; 2 - Theres people with more then one alt; 3 - Whats the point of the rerolls after allow to trade legendarys with better status on other alt after trying your luck every time with a diferent alt?; 4 - This will crash the economy of the server and will getting hard to adquire money by exchanging Rerolls.; 5 - Theres no point of doing quests, in fact only to adquire the legendaries that your
  11. Hi there, Theres a mega Thread called "Restore Pokemon Megathread" that help people restore pokémons, try to use Here. I hope i help you out , Voldis
  12. Happy i helped you out. Have a nice day . -Closed- (resolved)
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