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  1. Haters will say it's photoshopped
  2. Re: ♦ Inferno BlaZe ♦ We Are One! <t>1. What is your nickname in PRO? - Adrian<br/> 2. What is your favorite Pokemon type and what would be your favorite Pokemon and why?<br/> Favourite type is Dark, and my favourite pokemon is Haxorus, because of anime,<br/> I liked him along with Axew since the beggining.<br/> 3. Are you ambitious person and what is your ambition in PRO?<br/> Yes, I think I am. My amition is to keep enjoying the game for a long time.<br/> 4. What made you to join on this journey with us?<br/> Well, I liked the name, it's the first thing people see. Other reasons will keep coming if I join.<br/> 5. What is your final objective in PRO?<br/> Complete the pokedex.<br/> 6. Can you visit Xat (even if it's for a hour)? <br/> Yes, I'll probably be there always when I'm in game. I wanted to spend some time there before applying<br/> but I guess I have to be a member first.</t>
  3. I agree wtih this, if every 30 minutes something pop up (captcha would probably be the most effective), it would make things much easier. That along with 7 minutes limit(no moving) should work perfectly. I guess it could be annoying, but it's better than not playing at all.
  4. Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones... Awesome stuff :D
  5. A friend I met in another MMO told me about this, and well... now I owe him :D
  6. I agree, but that balance is falling apart... People are trying everything to make their lives easier, and that's the problem here. Let's go back to time when people were living in caves. They started developing weapons, of course it was because of surviving, but they started feeling that it's easier to live, and desire to live easier became greed for luxury life. It didn't convert in one day, it passed many century, but people gradually became addicted to things that will help them, all the way to nowadays. And it's still not stopping, every human, in hope that he will find his life easier, is trying to replace handwork with robots, for example, coffee maker, it is just one of the showcases, but it really shows humans greed for luxury. After that, little bigger thing, music. Before in 60'+ it was all work of talent and your will wheter you are playing guitar, drums, keyboard... I personally like rock music form past better than anything in 20th century, so maybe i can't write objectively, but still, everyone can see that instruments are being replaced by computers. Worst thing is artifical intelligence, if people manage to develop it(which i doubt), this world will go to hell. I's useless to even talk about it, everyone with common sense know what would it bring. And I hope it will be long after I die.
  7. Autistic people are having very very hard times lying from my own experience. If I lied something now by any chance I would pretty much tell that next minute or day after directly or indirectly. If you can successfully lie then you are a first autistic person I met that may lie. How you managed to go through school all that time? Most of the high functioning autistic people tend to have severe troubles there due to too many people in same spot and brain gets overwhelmed due to all processing it does even if they are given speech gift. I was absent a lot from school, never studied almost because I remember all during class and what other say. I remember when I was 7h grade in primary school, i skipped like 5 months of school yet I managed to have the best grades out of all students. Well after all, the suspension rule they have was not applied to me given my condition they were aware about. I later faced problems with university, couldn't cope with all those students I couldn't even last for 5 minutes so eventually I gone home. Where I was able to cope was the military I was obligated to join. My life change on better there and I became more immune on every social stuff. I did managed to go into the faculty of criminal science as an irregular student and I will be tending it without other students around me more or less. Shall see how it will play out. I am many years late for an uni though. most of the people they start tending it from age if 18. I am older though. Personally, I've never met and autistic person, but I've heard about things like that, for example that it's very hard for them to lie, etc... But, many autistic persons are successful and they achieved something that average person wouldn't even try, mostly because world is getting lazy... robots are replacing our work so they are adapting to that, but in a wrong way. So, if they've something with their lives they are proud of, I guess mastering lying shouldn't be that hard. Also Red, are you really forensic psychologist? At first I thought you just wrote that on forum. I was reading a lot about those kind of jobs, and it looks and sounds like something person would enjoy doing for salary. I'm more attached to IT and those kind of stuff... had some well done competitons with programming an algorithms, so I hope my future will be with hardware/software. But, please tell me something about forensic psychologist usual day, I'd like to hear more about it than just from internet/TV.
  8. There you go :) https://i.imgur.com/WPn280o.png
  9. This looks amazing :D Keep up with good work and don't forget to show us new versions.
  10. Unless Nintendo learns something from PRO, this will be the best Pokemon MMO game for a long time. And even if Nintendo make official Pokemon MMO, which would probably be better that PRO because of high budet, which leads to awesome graphics on 3DS and everything good about Pokemon, PRO would still be popular, no matter how good official game is.
  11. I'm still pretty new to Neverwinter so I can't tell for sure, especially because I wasn't a big fan of MMORPGs before so I haven't played lot of them. But for me, the best thing is, that once you reach max lvl, real show starts, some really interesting things are unlocked only at lvl 70. And they will take a lot of time if you want them completed, and it won't get boring. But most fun you will have when you're in party/guild and completing dungeon or something while voice chatting with others. I can't do much about it with just talking about it, when you have time, try downloading it and see for yourself :D
  12. I have about 70 hours in Neverwinter, and so far i haven't seen any kind of player housing. BUT... like I said in August there will be new update, Strongholds, where being in guild is important. You will have to clear out the map, and then build your "castle" or whatever will it be, I feel like that will be some kind of player housing, I don't know the details, but well... you can wait until August 11. You can read about it on their website, and if you like it, i suggest you to start playing before it come out, since you'll have advantage and already be experienced player(kind of) About Trove, it's not that you lose your house every time you join new world, there are signs with ! on it, and you can always move your cornerstone to that place, even if you go to otherside of map for mining, you can move it closer to there if you find that sign. Only problem about housing is that place for your house is limited, there is not much space. You can build anything in world, but only things placed in that cornerstone will be recovered in new world. Also, there are guilds, and every guild has it's own world which doesn't change. You can start your own guild so you'll build whatever you want. But yeah, if you are focusing mostly on player housing, both Neverwinter and Trove aren't for that. Maybe Neverwinter after new update, but i think it will be guild based housing.
  13. Neverwinter, you'll have fun until you reach lvl 60... after that it's hard, mobs are challenging. But still, much things to do. New update in August, i can't wait Blade & Soul, it is popular in Asia, and NA/EU are finally getting english version. From what I have seen, it is one of the best MMORPGs (in my opinion) It's not even in beta, but you can try to get into closed beta when they announce info about it. Trove, it was released about a week ago. Best thing about it is that every time you log in, you will end up in different world, you can have your own "house" and decorate it in the way you want. There are few classes, and you can switch between them once you buy one.(first one is free ofc) ArcheAge, didn't play this one but i saw screenshots and it looks awesome, but i think it's p2w, which is the reason why I haven't tried it yet. Don't know much about it, but if you are looking for MMO with nice graphics, definetely check it out.
  14. Awesome vid. Now i can never watch at PRO in the same way :D
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