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  1. In my opinion, splitting the spawn of a pair of pokemon with different dex information like Minun and Plusle into two different server is so unnecessary and cost a lot for newbie to complete the Pokedex. I agreed on splitting legendary duos. How about differentiation in terms of maybe PVP rules for both server?, like an example, Gold are allow to use Protean Greninja while Silver can't use it because of the different meta. But sure it need to be check by the PVP council to make its compatible if a banned pokemon is safe enough.
  2. yea i didnt received an iv lock reroll too from the quest, the npc told me "i had done anything i can ".
  3. IIRC, At the start of the quest, I was unable to enter Alucard Castle, someone told me to fight Horon. After that, I went to Alucard, I fought him once before I got sent to Dark Realm. After that I completed the quest after defeating Darkrai at Magus Castle. I got teleported to outside of Alucard Castle. Which option should I select on Horon which will respawn the Darkrai? Edit: I already caught Darkrai Thanks!
  4. same here, i already completed the quest, but cant catch the darkrai, horon respawn everytime i stepped away
  5. I finished my fight with Darkrai at Magus Castle, Then I got teleported out to fetch my sync. At first trip i only brought my Mew and Parasect (no miracle eye or foresight), When I was about interact with the Darkrai on the throne it disappear with a dialogue "It just an illusion after all". I need a quick solution. I am not starting the quest again grinding level for Growlithe and Clefairy is so time consuming.
  6. I am using a Redmi Note 8 on Android platform. No It doesnt happen on other game as I mentioned, PRO used to work at 60fps on my device in previous version. V-Sync isnt activated.
  7. Since the new update, my graphic seems to be downgraded to 30fps, it used to work on 60fps. I can adjust the slider to 60 and more, but it won't affect the fps. It stays 30fps. Would love to get a quick solution, 30fps is making my head dizzy.
  8. Greetings! I'm returning after a few months of break, Can I get some suggestion about what should I do to keep me going in the game?
  9. Hannan12

    pvp surrender'

    The solution to counter stall team is just fit in a stallbreaker. About getting same player for 2 to 4 times in a row, that thing need to be fix.
  10. do u accept bid from silver and transfer to silver too? if u do i bid 700k on bold. if u dont, just ignore my bid. edit: lmao nvm, just ignore this
  11. i guess my bid is invalid since the auction timer is out. @Hawluchaa @Monteria @Freezing, could u guys check on it?
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