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  1. i see a lot of players with many shiny so i dont think its fair that a player with less houres have more shiny.....my friend didnt play the game over a year and when he got back to the game i a week he got 2 shinys
  2. the shiny in the game is the big porblem. i have been playing the game since 2016 and i have over 1034 Hr and i owned 698 and 348 evo and in this time elieve it or not i got only 1 shiny from spawn (Not including shiny from Boss thor because its the third prize). thay shiny is rattata so i am not happy about the shiny in the game
  3. hi guys i beat darkrai in the quest in the dark realm and when i transferred to the real world to catch darkrai the server crashed and when i talk to him he disappeared can u help me? shayvl31
  4. what NPC before Alucard? i see no NPC
  5. more reason that it's not fair...tier 9 poke....playing over a few weeks to try to get good iv and nothing.... the highest iv i got was 102.... and elekid only spawn in day...at least the rest spawn all day
  6. agree.....i caught more than 4 of each and nothing.....
  7. i agree too....never success to play WQ.....+1
  8. hey guys i think that should be another way to get victini seen data... to beat sus.bot about 40 times is so hard and i dont see the point on why it's the only way to see victini i think that he should be on one of the bosses in the game all the other legendary poke
  9. does the pokemon need to be OT? i mean magby and the rest...
  10. i loss to the fire elder over 6 times....his poke goes first
  11. but charizard attack first with air slash
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