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  1. I agree with the bulk of this post, but I do not think the slight additional bulk of Impish Garchomp (which still has no recovery) ever justifies running this set over a corresponding Jolly set with an appropriate speed tier. Most of your suggested changes have been implemented. As for Bold Manaphy, I think the set needs to see some more experimentation. I tried 252 HP Timid CM Manaphy a while back in full stall and it was reasonably functional, but I'm not convinced it's better than Suicune.
  2. Changelog 6/30/2020: As I have been actively laddering this season, this update is rather large. A lot of Pokemon's rankings have been shifted downward, D rank has been removed, and C rank's definition has been clarified. Here is the full log of changes: rotom-wash -> A+ tornadus-t -> A+ azumarill -> A bisharp -> A chansey -> A ferrothorn: relaxed / sassy garchomp: jolly / naive gengar -> A greninja -> S heatran: timid / calm / modest landorus-i -> A gliscor -> A+ magnezone -> A- serperior -> A- tangrowth -> A+ togekiss -> A- breloom: jolly / adam
  3. "really big and unfair advantage" No. Just no. Half the ladder playerbase knows what my teams are and it doesn't really matter, because anyone with the skill to pose a challenge would have extrapolated likely sets to a point where they can play accurately by Team Preview. In fact, it's almost easier to deal with someone that knows your team, because they will often think linearly rather than completely. No one on ladder is going to bother to directly counterteam a single player. If you see a Volcarona paired with two solid Heatran answers, it's probably not Hidden Power Ground. With reg
  4. Unless you're playing Aurora Veil (RIP Baton Pass) or other one-dimensional hyper-offense builds, this is utterly and dangerously untrue. Unless your team is so aggressive that your gameplan is the same every game (just kill everything lol), regardless of your opponent's decisions, you have to interact with your opponent. This renders it necessary to adjust your strategy in response to your opponent, which usually means calculating lines to a depth of at least 3 turns - easily taking at least 30 seconds to consider just reasonable options.
  5. Regardless of the numbers, being able to bank time for critical turns by moving quickly on other turns is of utmost importance. Per-turn time should be applied as an increment.
  6. username: idkup server: gold country: usa
  7. Landorus is slower than Gengar.
  8. Of course Pursuit is viable -- mandatory, I would say, on Weavile. I believe the set you listed is the only viable set, and as such, it would need to be overbearingly powerful for the Pokemon itself to be S-rank. Simply not being deadweight is not enough for a Pokemon to be good in a matchup - are you ever not happy to have Clefable on your team? Rocks will only be up more often than not if you are a better player than your opponent, which we simply cannot assume is the case. I can see your point of view, but I believe you are operating off the assumption that you will win most 50/50s and can
  9. Excellent post. @Qeight we can release the hostages :^)
  10. I think Mantine in particular loses to Conkeldurr regardless of its EVs, but the Pokemon which can handle Conkeldurr with max Defense will usually run Def EVs.
  11. They will always be trained in Defense. Stall != walls, stall will run Wish Alomomola and nullify anything Conkeldurr tries to do. Azumarill is not a counter, it is a check. Speed is the most important stat in the game, and while priority can mitigate the problem somewhat, being forced to use Mach Punch gives your opponent free momentum.
  12. bump iriz where's the post
  13. Conkeldurr is a coinflip simulator that saps momentum from your own team. Sure, it does a lot of damage... but it fails to get through most common stall cores and is easily punished by anything faster due to its garbage speed and mediocre bulk. While Band Weavile can be difficult to play against for balance teams, its bad matchups against virtually every other archetype in the game make it incredibly difficult to justify moving up (weathers nullifying its speed advantage, stall playing Alomomola and utterly nullifying it, offense spamming priority). Unfortunately hidden by those calcs
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