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  1. Belz, I am going to be quite honest here. You might not like this, and you know that's okay. It is not an attack, I am being honest, maybe brutal as well, but honest. After getting the full story, it changed my perspective on this quite a bit. And, being a chronic over thinker, I thought about it. Then came to this conclusion. You and Felix made similar mistakes. When Belzebel messes up, it's all "Oh my god, I will not do it again." "Please forgive me". For like what, the 1000th time? You have had more chances than cats have lives. I am actually surprised you are not banned by now. When Felix does the same thing, instead of trying to see the shoe on the other foot and giving him the chance you want people to give you, instantly you launch some kind of crusade against him. You want people to respect and give you chances? Then be the change you wish to see. I am not defending his actions, I think what has transpired should have never happened personally. And that is my hot take. But, we will never know if he will change or not unless he is given a chance. He is human just like me and you. And humans are bound to mess up. Me and him do not have the best history, some here already know, for which I take most of the blame for this and my actions. But anyways he is a very good staff, and quite frankly Belz, you of all people have no right to say who should be staff or not given how you acted as a staff member. You act like you were not warned about your behavior. You were warned, we had followed the policy, and had given you chances to reform, and escalating with each offense before you were removed from the staff team. We had to remove you. Given we had to remove you for your behavior, do you think it is valid that you can even say if someone deserves to be staff or not? You started off by being incredibly rude and inappropriate as a staff member. You also had posts in the Official Discord that were not okay, if I had more time I would totally go dig them up. No matter who or how many times we talked to you, it is like you did not understand a word we said or even read the numerous forum posts about professionalism, staff rules, and standards. A huge slap in the face to the team and player base we served. Then you kept getting into fights and arguments with your fellow staffers. You were a hard worker yes, but it does not excuse your terrible attitude and how you treated people. It got so bad between this and your behavior we had to remove you, incase you forgot. It is pure hypocrisy you want to be given chances and such, but do not want to give someone a chance. Staff after staff has tried to give you a chance to reform, and has been more than super nice to you, including myself. To see you on the forums making such claims about staff is quite disgusting given the amount of special treatment you have gotten over the years. Being nice with you does not work, and you do not seem to appreciate it with how you squander what has been given to you and lash out when people treat you like everyone else. As like what happened to you, if he were to continue to mess up, the policy would be followed. Keita spilled the tea, so to speak already in a previous post that basically he followed the policy. So it is not like they are not doing anything about it. So, uh: https://i.imgur.com/WFEqRhb.png https://i.imgur.com/cxUU8MM.png You are not supposed to solicit staff in private messages. You are breaking a rule and his privacy. He does not have to answer you, and just because people did answer you does not mean he is supposed to or required too like you think. Yeah, people give you special treatment in private messages, but he does not have too. He could of been a bit nicer about it, yeah. However, why are you trying to solicit information from a staff member in private messages? That is not good. At this point you come across as a young child who got upset, because they are not getting any special treatment. Literally digging and scraping for anything to try to prove you are right. But you are wrong with this. He doesn't have to respect you here, especially after you broke the rule about soliciting him in private messages and disrespecting his free time. You disrespected him first when you broke that rule and approaching him because you are paranoid. People probably knew you reported them because you make a big deal about it and tell everyone and their grandmother. No one is taunting you, you take everything extremely personally. He is being quite honest, which a lot of people are not with you. You actually taunted him in the screenshot above, and several times in your post. Don't even get me started on the other posts in this thread. You can taunt, but he can not? C'mon that is a double standard and pathetic. If you are going to instigate, expect what you started to come back at you. "Oh but he is staff", well yeah, but you are literally provoking him much like you claim people provoke you. You are no better than what you claim him to be at this point. You literally went around calling people apes for the longest. Just doing a simple search in the Official Discord I easily can find you insulting people's intelligence and talking about inappropriate topics. Do you think that is a good quality for a youtuber of your stature? No, it is in fact quite terrible. Calling people out for things you do all the time is incredibly hypocritical and makes it next to impossible for people to even consider taking you seriously. Belz, being totally honest, your behavior is still terrible. This is a wake up call. People are tired of the same old, same old and putting their feet down. Read between the lines, stop being so prideful. You are literally on the line and you just keep breaking rules. You always promise reformation, and then go back to the same stuff after a while. Repeating cycle. No one is going to get you banned, you are going to get yourself banned. Stop blaming others, and boss up. Take responsibility and break your cycle. "He is taunting me oh my god", maybe just don't reply? There is a an option to block people. People mess with you to get a reaction from you. And because you are so prideful, you give them exactly what they want. Belzebel going off the deep end, the sitcom, silver server tonight at 9pm. Being the bigger person requires minimal effort, and you do not have to waste your time with comebacks or revenge. And if you become a good egg, you really do not have to interact with staff or deal with them. Weird thought, eh? Now, you do have every right to be angry and express yourself, yes he did a bad thing, we get it. No need to beat a dead horse. But making false claims such as "staff are sexist", calling people power abusers with out evidence or context, witch hunting, and the like are not okay. It is incredibly hard for anyone who knows your full history to ever really take you seriously because of how you continue to act and have acted. Unless you change your rhythm, it will remain this way. Legit this thread is going in circles about him just because people are unable to wrap their heads around something other than BAD THING, and instead have a constructive dialogue. The criticism has already been taken, he seems willing to change, and Keita has taken the steps according to policy. That is the resolution. There is not much more that can or will happen, unless another incident occurs, and it is the community that is the judge of whether he has grown or not later down the line. Beating the BAD THING horse at this point is just redundant and silences other dialogue that could be had in the meanwhile. Some other users in this thread actually had some thoughtful insights and suggestions. Anyways I told myself I was not going to say anything because I just lurk, if you can call tagging Luke everyday in the Official Server that. However, hopefully this opens your eyes. tl;dr #FreeFelix give him a chance to prove you wrong, he proved me wrong. And you want change? Start by setting and example and being the change you wish to see.
  2. Thanks for everything. I remember when I first found this game I was going through something extremely heavy. This wonderful community and it's people helped me with it and helped me find my purpose. I thank you for that, and I thank you for allowing me to serve you as admin for 2 years. I have learned a lot in my time here and have met many wonderful people. Thank you for allowing me to blossom and learn who I am, and find what I am good at and lead me on a path. I'm an introvert by nature so this won't be very wordy I'm sorry it's not my strong suit. I have a few thanks for some special people. Shout out to the old members of RUKittenMe when gold server was a thing; It's been a while but you guys gave me reasons to keep playing and improve myself as a person. Honestly we were a great guild and had many great times. -Shout out to Team Magma: Thanks for giving me a home and allowing me to be myself. I'd list you all off one by one, but that would probably be the whole guild. A -Rider; Thanks for being a good friend and mentor. I appreciate you. Aribae best wife no contest gg ez Macr7 (haha i use your old name) thanks for being a great friend and still send me cat pics uwu The Discord Staff, and former discord staff you guys are amazing :) I loved working with you and being on a team with you, keep that awesome energy. For the younger discord staff, make us old folk proud :) discord leaders YOU ALL SMELL. JK. One of the best teams I've worked with. I will miss all of you dearly. We've accomplished so much, the sky's the limit. Sam, gionerd, and purplepurple I've really enjoyed working with you guys closely and seeing what you've become. I want to write more but I suck at writing. CC's KEEP OUR LINE GOING STRONG!CC> all always ily apo sux title To the staff and formers i've worked with; Even if we've had our differences, I've enjoyed our time together! Tim happy birthday! There's so many more, I feel super overwhelmed xD I love you tho. And that's about it for me. If I didn't mention you specifically I will probably contact you before I vanish like Shaui's do. Thanks again, and I wish you all the best with your future endeavours :) PS Apo sux, Gio smells, Cherubi is best mon, and slow mode is evil.
  3. Welcome back! And good luck!
  4. Sorry to hear Cobra, hope you can get a new pc soon!
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