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  1. You may hear about probability theory but you definitely don't know how it works. It may be 0 out of 100 and still it would not mean that it does not work.
  2. Bms does not grant you 100% of finding poke with HA, it just ups it from 5% to 25% if I remember correctly which is still quite low. Try to flip a coin 10 times and say it does not work if you get the same result
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Probability_theory
  4. Start offer - 5m Minimum bid - 200k Insta price - 10m Accepted Payment(s): coin capsule - 390k, 15d ms - 180k, bms - 160k, RR - 700k Auction duration: 75 hours after the first bid Current offer is XX Auction started: XX GMT+3 XX/XX/2021 (will be edited after the first bid) Auction ends: XX GMT+3 XX/XX/2021 (will be edited after the first bid)
  5. Greetings, I'm ready to pick it up in Goldenrod City, tag me here if I'm offline ingame
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