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  1. Yeah, as they said that was a bug. I was, as I said I see no difference between those items, I just took your position and suggest some other things. I want the repel cc item by myself especially since there's 999 limit of those so I'd rather pay 500 or even 1000 coins to get repel as cc item.
  2. -1 another casual suggestion I see no difference between all others consumable staff and the escape rope. You can not consume dig, surf, etc as @g3n3r4l has mentioned. With the same success you can add master ball, repel. revive, heal, hp/pp restore and all others staff I forgot about as CC item, there's no trolling or unconstructiveness about it, it would be just the same marketruining thing.
  3. Current offer is 350k now. Less than 15 minutes left.
  4. Current offer is 300k now. Less than 21 hours left.
  5. The auction has been started and will last 25 hours from this starting bid
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