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  1. Ok but please contact me if my drawing is chosen thanks for your time
  2. Hello pro staff I want to ask you if you can tell the drawing competition result please .Thank you for your precious time :thanks:
  3. Sorry I missed unison mountain 3f please forgive me because I wasted your time
  4. I saw the fourth location of fairy Mimi is murky town pc and people told me that it is true but I can't find her at the pc here is the proof plz help me thank you
  5. I need a staff reward what to do to get it thank you for your precious time :Shy:
  6. I am trying to help pokemon revolution online in every way I can by reporting players for violent behaviour helping them by giving information lend pokes for story even though they got stolen thrice so I request you to give me a staff reward if u won't it's ok thank you :Angel:
  7. :Smile: Thnx I got the spirit I am very happy and I want tell that pro staff is very kind
  8. I have checked every place in the map you have send Twice but can't find any spirit please help I am relying on you
  9. :Frown: plz help me there are no spirit left i n ghoul swamp and the three spirits ask for the third one plz help because I also want to participate in quest if any more information is required plz tell thank you
  10. Re: Growing Ghosts; Drawing Event my drawing <r><URL url="https://postimg.org/image/1hntctm2or/"><s></s><IMG src="https://s1.postimg.org/1hntctm2or/IMG_20171007_112128_139.jpg"><s></e></IMG><e></e></URL>. Server:red</r>
  11. A man was doing daycare pranshu123 user id and he took all my pokes and said I will level and give u you give 100k and he took the level 100 pokes to ev train and the money but when I said to return he said I won't plz help you can see ot pokes in his account and many more which are others name of pokes charizard ot abhi12345,sceptile ot abhi12345,gengar ot abhi12345,ferothorn don't know ot,alakazam don't know ot,greninja ot ash Ketchum,lucario don't know ot , I will talk to him and send u screenshot later of the pm
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