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  1. As Riceball99 said, you can't re-battle again with these NPC bosses after you defeated them. Only the player who lost can battle them again after 48hours cooldown. I will move it to General Support since this is not a bug. Capish! You can delete it if you want. :)
  2. Ow ok! Everyone was saying they had a 48h cooldown but that only counts if you failed to defeat them? :p
  3. Hello everyone! I've defeated awhile ago (+72 hours atleast) but I can't see them anymore? Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong? :) Thank you for helping me in advance! Grtz Thaiko Pictures:
  4. Re: WTS> Epic Adamant Speed Boost Torchic 22/29/28 One of the best In Server <t>Added you in game :)<br/> <br/> EDIT: 1.2M by me.</t>
  5. That is correct; a 5-Pokemon daily quota is imposed, which will preclude you from submitting anymore Pokemon until 24 hours have elapsed since the juncture you submitted your fifth Pokemon--when the timer actuates. It may be the first Torchic that you've tried submitting "today" (with respect to semantic ambiguity), but it sounds like your fifth one from the last batch was submitted within the past-24 hours. Whether or not this limitation should stand, however, is another question. The current quota exists as a holdover from the entire framework's inception in the 2015 Halloween event wherein Pumpkin and Duskull IVs were liquidated into Halloween Points; that has been transposed to the diametrical Mudkip and Torchic Pokemon in this event and has only been re-examined and revamped recently. While Duskull and Pumpkin were congruously thematic to the event, the fact is that they were relatively common enough that the 5-Pokemon quota was needed to curb an otherwise-excessive stream of Halloween Point payouts; that is not the case with Mudkip and Torchic, as both seem to be much rarer. Since they take on a different complexion, a different purview must be adopted and thus I'll seriously envisage deregulating--if not completely removing--the daily limit when considering how hard it is to hunt this event's cream-of-the-crop Pokemon. Also, as an informative reminder: the new Torchic you caught will count when submitted later, however, because even if you need to wait for their submissibility, the fact is that the date has already been registered when submitting the fifth Pokemon and thus those caught after that juncture will still count for the task when redeemed for points. Ah i see, i thought that the daily reset of a fixed time i.e 00.00 server time, but it is depends on the 5th pokemon submitted instead. Really thanks for the info. :Grin: Where can I find Rick? :)
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