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  1. If my quick maths wont fail me this time,which they don't,its over guys,ty everyone
  2. less than 4 hours if my mind works properly,8:44 central eu time
  3. Thank you,i wouldn't really use it and i have other shinies i'd love so yeah.It's the best to do so :3
  4. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.I got extremly lucky over the past few days and found a pretty cute shiny mudkip! But as i don't really plan on using/evoing this little cutie,it has no other purpose than sit in my box/flex on all chat so i've decided to sell it. Start will be 20m Minimum raise is 1m Insta:40m Auction starts after first bid and lasts for 72 hours Accepting cc=380k ^^ pm me in game-Levu or on discord(Name:Levu#2838)
  5. Hello there everyone and especially mods,staff. I want to report this bug which i first gave attention to while playing pvp,but i knew something wasn't working as intended before too. Thats the damage my Latias had done to the gengar As you can see,my latias is NOT defensive,and the damage should have killed that gengar on the spot. Here is the calc: 252 SpA Latias Psyshock vs. 0 HP / 6 Def Gengar: 378-446 (144.8 - 170.8%) -- guaranteed OHKO Possible damage amounts: (378, 384, 386, 392, 396, 402, 404, 410, 414, 420, 422, 428, 432, 438, 440, 446) It did around 75% of the gengar's
  6. From now on,it's not my responsibility,sorry sir.If you feel like the trade was unfair ,contact a moderator .I've made the trade with Guardiann,who won according to Hawlucha.
  7. trade done,can be closed ty and sorry for all the trouble have a nice day
  8. Okay,thank you sir for the fast reply,the trade will be made as soon as possible and posted here,thank you for the bids everyone
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