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  1. its not the map that rotates but whole screen behind, i was account rushing last week and it didnt look like that so i assume it could be a fresh bug
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPzJIvPxBik&feature=youtu.be background is spinning weirdly
  3. It happened again, i thought it was repaired with server crash, i really wanted my arons to be low levels @Shaolan
  4. also the only moves used in this fight were seadra's hydro pump and aron's endeavor so i guess it might be poison point problem
  5. I was leveling my pokes as always with my aron, i only used endeavor and seadra poisoned itself, i didnt catch battle log on the screenshot because it happened pretty fast. i have seen it few times already, before last update it was working fine.
  6. Greninja gets the type of last used attack in this turn which is whirlwind, even thought it wasnt used by greninja itself
  7. Outbreaks could turn automatically once a week or month with random poke from a pool of 20/30 pokes that appeared on outbreaks and on random location, taken from a pool as well. I thought about this because we didnt have cutiefly outbreak for 6 months already and outbreaks are being turned on very rare recently.
  8. Starting Offer 500k Min. bid: 50k Insta price: 3m Current Offer: none Auction ends 24h after first offer
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