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  1. Hey.. I wanted to buy some pokes listed below : - Ninetales-Alolan (high spd,hp with h.a) - Marowak Alolan (Rock-Head abi) - Goodra sap sip (high spatk / spdef / hp / def [not must] ) - Reuniclus (Bold / Quiet) with high spatk / def /hp and spdef [not must] - Heracross (Brave/ada) high hp and atk [spd low preferree] dont care about my budget, i have millions atm also lots of coin capsules so DM me in discord if you have any of these.. Discord : Zemote aka Ismamstander#3903
  2. Hi I evolved a gengar now i want to back it to Haunter plz Type of request: Un-evolve Pokemon Username: Ismamstander Server: Gold ID or description of your Pokemon: 44196576 , Gengar Reason: I wanted my gengar to be a Haunter and play for me..plz un-evolve it!!
  3. Up! Adding a big change with some new pokes soon....
  4. Welcome to Zemote and Xmote's Pokeshop! ___________________________________________________________________ Payment Methods : Contact : Enjoy Shopping ! Untrained.exe Trained.exe Event and Shinies.exe Thanks !
  5. Hy! I'm a service provider of Lv up, especially EV.. But currently I have a special offer for ya'll.. If you have 3 or more than 3 pokes for EV train..I will take 30k for each of them..Usually other service providers take 40k for each for I'll only take 30k..And if you have more than 9 pokes then 25k each HAHA! Its actually a huge offer.. For level up services, I wont take low prices cause I have a bit low experience in Lvling..But depending on the poke it will take around 35k - 60k.. Sadly I am not available to train pokes like : Happiny / Chansey / or any evo'ed pokes.. Check out my discord tag above and DM me.. Thnx for visiting this post!
  6. Hey guys..I've made a new channel of PRO named ''Senamote Gaming'' Please subscribe my channel and don't forget to like, share :) Thnk you ^_^ Here is the link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXBzlJhVKclYa3jPSfyb8-A/featured?view_as=subscriber
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