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  1. I want to buy these following pokes:- Bunnelby or Diggersby (Adament, Huge Power) Mimikyu (Adament or Jolly) Rotom or Rotom-Wash (Bold) Let me know if you have any of these....
  2. NAME CHANGE Username: 0ghostfaze1 New Username: ChinuOP Server to charge the money from: Gold
  3. Server:- Gold IGN:-0Ghostfaze1 As from the pic it's clear that I released my pokemon. So sir I'm requesting you to please restore my Pokemon.
  4. Ok guys the offer are end and the final price is 3m3 by Omeliandre so pm me on @Ghost Gentleman#8282 or tell here
  5. 5h left offer soon still highest offer 3m3
  6. Due to some work I make offer days 2sorry if got any problem with it
  7. What's PvP ready torkoal Start bid 1m Minimum offer 300k Insta 15m Offers end in 2days offer here:)
  8. Welcome We are Intensity TOGETHER WE WILL CLIMB GREATER HEIGHTS! we are an old guild since 2016 we revived this guild alive more active and competative mind and fun Intensity, the home of people with couragous hearts, who's will has been intensified over the ages of hard fought wars. An extremely powerful clan, merged together to form an INTENSE nation to reign over the Pinnacle. The once great nation merged with Intensity to form an even stronger nation. As they explored the ends of Earth, they found a new competition in the land called Gold. A land full of mysteries and uncertainties. Where many legends stand atop The Pinnacle. Many desire the fame, and glory, will you rise up with us as we take on the greater heights? The choice is yours. _____________________ Our Desire _____________________ -To be a top ladder guild- -To have a family like athmosphere on discord and on guild chat at all times -To rise up along with our guild members- __________________________ Guild thought _____________________ "You teach me and I'll teach you Pokemon, gotta catch 'em all Gotta catch 'em all "Yeah" ~Every challenge along the way~ ~With courage I will face~ ~I will battle every day~ ~To claim my rightful place~ _____________________ Guild Benefits _____________________ -Guild Shop- -Active Guild Chat and Discord Chat- -PVP Ranked Team Database- -PVP help- -Interactive Community- -Family like guild- _____________________ Our Requirements _____________________ -Discord(Optional)- -Active 50-100+ hours- -Interactive- -atleast 3 regions- -Basic knowledge of poketypes and weakness- -Competative mind- [spoiler=Guild application] [spoiler=Guild application] How Many Hours? Do You Have Discord? Are You Done Story? If Not How Far Are You In The Story? Do You Have A PVP team? (Just Curious) Do You Have Time To Chat With Us In Game Or In Discord? Discord ID and Username? (If You Have One)
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