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  1. Epic work man Ty so much for posting them I really loved the thrills thanks for helping out mate @ThatKid
  2. Love you guys thank you so much for all who showed up in the event it was real fun and positive vibes and amazing We expanded the prize pool and added more items and 8 more pokes in the give away Much love to everyone and Thank you @ThatKidfor helping out on event and @shunsou
  3. A lot of prizes remaining still to continue the event The remaining prizes for today to continue event : 1- Tyranitar 2- Volcarona 3- Heracross 4- Excadrill And (all items mounts ,wings and outfits) We continue 18:00 pm CET at vermilion hide and seek + questions @Subhammasteryou won scizor yesterday before server crash my friend Thanks a lot @ThatKid for helping organizing event and @Bash Looking forward to see you guys tonight isa Good luck everyone
  4. Sorry for interrupting guys server crashing couldn't continue event, we continue tomorrow 18:00 CET @ThatKidthanks a lot our event organizer let's continue tomorrow
  5. Good day my friends After years and years in pro,[ Ex-tag Ic3thirst ] In a live action with my game partner and share @Nikhilnick And my brother @DrShaw1991 I've recently sold a lot of my collection i made with nikh together and a lot splits of epic and rare pvp shinies still left with my bro @Nikhilnick I've achieved a solo goal I sat after long time of collecting tons of rare shinies then pvp shinies then epic pvps after nikh almost quit I sold a lot of stuff to go 1b cash [ 1,000,000,000 ] as a new challenge past year. So Celebrating this achievement lets go for a big event I'd like to thank and shoutout all my friends @Nikhilnick @KimStarz @Senrosia @SalemZEROO @sarks @Hinata @Squad @JadeAsh @zeldawoot @To0n @Tito017 @Fadoka @Chroxler @Titania @Bunnystar @Virgneel @M4dSon @Jeque @Exoforce @Shadowpirate @badhacker @Jorogumo @Juviaaa @justbillionare @Voidwarrior @CrowTele13 @ProfZander @GrinchKill @Limit @Feebas @shunsou @Amination @Gio @karemboss @LuisAnddre& all our friends who shared same journey on PRO since 2016 for 6 years + Special thanks to our staff team specially @Senrosia @Qeight Big thanks to the efforts made by @Shinohara @Jhizen & @Eaty @Maisa & for all our game staff team for the amazing work over the years. Lets start with the prizes of the event and thrill it up + + Items : 1) Pink Angel Wing 2) Pirate Eye 3) Archipelago Wing 4) Gold Wolf Mask 5) Green Wolf Mask 6) Mummy Hat + Clothes 7) Plague Doctor Hat + Clothes 8 ) Oni Mask Red 9) S Zorua Hat 10) S Goomy Hat 11) Silver Wolf Mask 12) Choice collage [ Specs + Scarf + Band ] The Event will be on 18-May-2022 18:30 PM CET Vermillion Silver Server & it will be hide & seek and some random fun questions on all chat or a private channel made for event and everyone can join just post your name here and you can claim only one prize of each to win if you answer right or win the hide and seek Again special special thanks to @Nikhilnick @SalemZEROO @KimStarz @Voidwarrior @Senrosia @Qeight @badhacker @sarks @Amination @karemboss @justbillionare @Squad @Mamathieu for the big squad time we had over years. Shoutout to my rivals on shiny collecting for tons of years @finnderboss @Crucifixuz who claim the #1 throne of shinies in game and for all our friends Have a good day
  6. Garchomp auction over winner leogod 2m Charizard/tyra/gliscor/houndour/volca leave your offer on discord Shaky#0771 gl hf Epic naive h.a auction over 2m for leogod
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