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  1. Already saw this post 3 time in the past, Well done but result is always the same.
  2. I've been waiting for this npc for a while +1
  3. Starting offer : 4m Min bid. - 150k No insta Time 48 hours from start. Accepted payment- Pokemoney Reroll ticket[700k], Coin capsule [380k] Nature reroll ticket [350k]
  4. Username: MaitrePoulpe Server: Gold Country/Timezone: France/GMT +2
  5. After that i speak to brawly below and get `` scammed '' by jhon, i follow them to summit and crashed while having the first interaction with brawly. Since, impossible to have any interaction with him or even jhon who move below here each time i go to the summit. I still decide to look for meditite full happiness and 150 hp but nothing to do i can't have any interaction with them since first crash.
  6. Do it more often between 2 big events, I like it I didn't feel like I had more pink on my side but it's my rng. I fell like Minum is ultra common. I just don't like that the scyther repel is gone.
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