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  1. could we have an item in shop, lantern or something like that acts like flash move, cause there is a lot of dark places that needs flash but having a pokemon with flash is not always possible specially when have a team to fight a boss. thanks
  2. first I want to apologize cause I didn't take screen shots, cause I never imagined that this could happen to be honest. I just beat the boss and after beating it he told me that I'm not worthy as he thought and gave me nothing, then I checked the consecutive wins which should be 2 and it told me that I haven't won any. I'm really sorry again for the lack of evidence but that's what really happened and I thought better to inform you. thanks
  3. I killed Entei by mistake and I beat Nikola, he said he opened another chance to beat Entei but I can't find him anywhere. please help
  4. I would like to ask if the boss reward could be made after just the 3rd win not 3rd consecutive win. reasons is that the game is unstable due to bugs or server goes down people lose fights against bosses which could be frustrating specially if you are going to get your third win. I know that you are concerned about the prizes and spamming, but if you think about it a little when people get a pokemon as a prize the chance that this pokemon will be with wrong/bad nature/ivs is more than 70% and people will release it (I myself have released a lot) so I don't think it will make much impact on t
  5. I know that people use this item in pvp, but the rate at which bosses give this item is crazy. nearly every boss gives this item now, and imagine in 12 days cooldown between bosses I have 156 focus sash just from bosses. so I'm asking for more diversity in prizes. I'm not against focus sash but there is no need to get it from every boss in game. or at least make a more simple way to trade items other than attaching it to pokemons. thanks
  6. this have been an issue for a long time now but today the freeze was for like 6-7 min until I was kicked out from game and I was fighting Entei Guardian for my 3rd win and now I will have to reset my wins. please fix this issue cause I swear if I wasn't in a good guild and have amazing team mates who made me feel better I would have quit the game today. I'm not asking for reseting the boss or wins I know that this is impossible, I just don't want this to happen to me or anyone else playing this game. I have a screen shot to the game but imgur has problem now I can't upload. if you need the
  7. Some Bosses are in what I consider a really bad location for players to reach, Bugsy for example is in ms map, I have been shouting in trade chat for more than 1 hour searching for ms seller and can't find and as a result I won't be able to go. some like officer jenny and steve are in place where we have to spend a lot of money to go to and they don't really give good prizes. please could you reconsider the location specially Bugsy. :thanks:
  8. 5 days=0 pink and not lucky?! Christmas pokemons 1/1000 more than a month=1 pokemon so no you are not unlucky with only 5 days if that's the rate
  9. Hello Kurushiimohamed, nobody confirmed the rate of pink pokemon yet but I can tell you that it is definitely higher than the shiny rate (1/8000 something). I am sorry that you were unlucky until now but the area is permanent so you have enough time to get whatever pink pokemon you want, you just need to farm more. :Smile: Pre higher than shiny :Shocked:. well thanks :Grin:
  10. I spent much time in pink island hunting, but I haven't encounter any pink pokemons until now. I just want to know what's the rate of pink pokemons?
  11. Re: Ingame BOSS [updated Boss Cooldown Checker 13/11/16] <t>Greninjak<br/> prize: 24k and 10 tomato berries</t>
  12. I don't have problem when boss's pokemons have moves from tms that we still don't have it's ok, but Tyranitar has "attack order", according to the internet only vespiquen can learn this move and there is no tm for it. I'm cool with any move it learns from tm, move tutor but a move that it can't learn is too much even if it's a boss.
  13. having a pokemon as boss reward is not what I meant. I don't do pvp so my fun is hunting and training my pokemons. so I would like to have pokemons I can hunt. and I'm patient I'm just making suggestion so when they are going to make new tms they can have in mind what players need. :Grin:
  14. your work is always appreciated and I know that you do your best and I'm really thankful as well as all players playing this wonderful game. I wanted to ask if you could add new pokemons to game. there no need for many 1 or 2 will be very good and more than enough, since we haven't had new pokemons in a long time (may I suggest Oshawott and Tepig since you added Snivy as boss reward) another thing is tms flash cannon and dazzling gleam, cause there are many spatk users steel pokemons and we have very few fairy moves in game. :thanks:
  15. this awesome thanks a lot :Heart-eyes:
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