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  1. Shop back open, lending trade has returned :)
  2. Yes the service shop is still very much active, contact me through discord if you'd like to rent a mon and I will get back to you ASAP (Faster replies on Friday-Sunday)
  3. Contact information is in the original post in yellow
  4. Yes I have the volcarona back now and I have already issued a refund and we came to a private conclusion regarding the rental. Thank you for your help !
  5. I have the discord conversation about giving the wrong volcarona as well if needed
  6. Hello there, I accidentally traded my volcarona as a rental trade but it is region locked for the person receiving it named "Rebeccastane" and I need it back but they can't trade it. Hoping you can help return the pokemon Screenshot of the pokemon is here:
  7. Rental shop back open for business, contact me through discord if you need a rental :3
  8. Looking to sell this gliscor for 1.4 mil My Discord is: Xanthina Rose#5802
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