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  1. That npc is litwick seller.... He sells litwick for 200k....so you just bought a litwick
  2. Wts any prestige mount of your choice for 22m Discord : SalemZeroo#1114
  3. @Oshura @Neltha973 @Lyn1311 Hello guys, i am an officer in predators.... Feel free to DM ASAP SalemZeroo#1114
  4. May his soul rip... I didn't even know what pokémon was before PRO XDDD just joined it because my friend was nagging.... But later on he turned into a noob and left the game, and i am still here
  5. The auction is not over yet.... It must be extended for 15 more minutes
  6. Bump.... Got some really good offers but looking for more.... Send offers in DM ^^
  7. image is now available....sorry for the previous mistake ^^
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