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  1. Liquidation - Amity Square - $15,000 https://prowiki.info/index.php?title=Amity_Square
  2. I offer 660k for venusaur +15 rc if you accept = 770k
  3. Why do you want to join NoMercy? it is because I have already battle no mercy members and seen there pvp power and I want to be like them What can you contribute to NoMercy? Some fun time , day care for free , Little like 100 rating Have you ever been banned in PRO, and why? Once I was muted for a day because someone was getting mad in all server and I sayed bad words to him Other than having fun playing the game, what are your goals in PRO? I want to be a pvp master and pokemon collector How old are you and other than English, what languages do you speak? Hindi What is your discord na
  4. I am returning pro nearly after 1 year And i need a guild I have completed all 4 region and play time 500+
  5. My roselia was released due to my brother plz restore it
  6. cute charm a very important ability for shiny hunters is not coded. I use this ability on all pokemon games but it not yet coded in pro.Please code it fast
  7. ● What's your Name/IGN? Aiberty ● Are you active in Discord? Yes ● Where are you from? Japan ● What's your playtime?/How often do you play PRO? 700+ i play daily ● What's your goal in PRO? Be the best ofcourse ● Why do you want to be part of Chaos? I love this guild logo and i see many member of this guild in server they are freindly also ● What's your favorite Pokemon and why? My favoirite is charizard it is because the flame and power he shows inspire me ● What's your favorite animal and why? I love Dinosaur and dragon becuse i love dragons looking pokemon like charizard
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