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  1. hmm okay i think i understand now thanks for the assistance
  2. huh i thought they said that we can do 20 bosses in 1 week then they'll be ready next week?
  3. i did my bosses 8 days ago, and i thought the change removed all cooldowns so i did shary shaui, and there was no cd and i could fight them, and when i went to do brock, it said 4 days cooldown, please fix the cooldown for me ..
  4. I was winning in a pvp match, in the end i had greninja and gengar left, and my opponent had just a nidoking, it was easy win for me, and then i got the stuck bug, now i cant move im still stuck in pro, i want the win, because 1 ice beam will kill nidoking, even if it doesnt it will get it really low, and i can then kill it with 31 speed 31 sp atk rash nature gengar scarfed... need staff's help right away
  5. +1 just revert the change thats all, everyone is already quitting the game.
  6. They really ruined the game by doing this ... They kind of removed the best way to make money for us, they should really revert this change, its nonsense why would they even do this +1
  7. i need help restoring my landorus which was released accidently.
  8. good luck bro ! i hope you do well for your career, even though i never met u in game, i would love to have you back on the game and meet you, till then farewell!
  9. i think it doesnt show up in the front but it does in the back
  10. I also tried to hunt meinfoo by using the repel trick and i also couldnt find a single one in a long time, in which i could easily get 3 or 4
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