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  1. i was using no mercy app but i didnt realise sooner that their app was connected to pro dashboard and my account was transferred to gold i just want my main account back to silver Thnks for support and sorry for my bad english
  2. hii i would like to recover this lvl 64 elekid poke plzz i m from sliver server thnks for restore <3
  3. Also if possible can you guys clarify again who should transfer server the seller or the buyer
  4. I would like to suggest a quest to unlock Mega evolution for the mount will be good also I got a question what will be the speed of those mount will it increase or remains same??
  5. Sorry I didn't know about that i thought that b.o is bid opening Thnks for info <3
  6. s.o. : 1M raise bid : 100k Insta : 3M Time : 6hrs Acution
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