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  1. I found my second summer pokemanz. It's a sqetle! xD
  2. Congrats Hundjager! Very nice find! <3<3
  3. Congrats Bussin! Awesome find <3<3
  4. Sup guys! If you found any summer form, be it a wingull too, you're welcome to post it here.
  5. It's kind of ironic too because I am actually hunting squirtle so I went to gible for a "break" and, uh... I found summer gible instead.
  6. Damn, that's still a nice find Grats man
  7. Summer squirtle nice! I probably have like 4-5 boxes and none yet lol. Congrats though. Awesome find.
  8. Congrats! It's the right ability too xD <333
  9. Sup guys! If anyone has found a summer event form 2021 in either server, post a screenshot of the pokemon. It can be good or bad, who cares! Let's share the experience Please don't write things like "Trash pokemanz". Try to control yourself lol... and congratulate each other.
  10. It's alright. I'll close my shop. You guys and your rules really spoil the value of something positive I want to do. A shop is a shop. What difference does it make that there are other pokemon forms in it? I put a lot of effort into making this shop. You guys don't have to be rule-bots sometimes. But I understand. Regards, ThatKid
  11. As the Reroll Ticket is listed under Crazy Wednesday Deals it will only be available on that day unfortunately. (First post first buy basis)
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