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  1. Time to catch up on events again! This post is a continuation of the prizes! Prize 6: Prize 7: Prize 8: Prize 9: Prize 10: Prize 11: Prize 12: Prize 13: Prize 14: Prize 15:
  2. For those that want to catch up: Prize 1: Prize 2: Prize 3: Prize 4: Prize 5: The sixth prize was an umbreon but the server crashed while I was busy screenshotting that part.
  3. It happened. I found the Cream Soda!!
  4. That luck is genuinely insane. I wanted a feebas like that but what i wanted the most was the cream soda togepi... and.. like... you have... it. Sob... Good find and nice collection! Awesome stuff.
  5. Hey fafouney. Nice collection. That chocolate bunny looks delicious : O It's like everyone around me is finding that easter larvesta and not me! The jedi-chops are awesome too.
  6. Holy.. Ok that luck is a little insane lol. Nicely done.
  7. Damn, those are nice. I'm still trying my luck with a green togepi. Nice pokes.
  8. You know what time it is! Time to post that easter event form for the year 2022! Good/Bad iv's welcome! Your efforts won't go unnoticed in this place! Just some rules: * All forum rules apply. Just don't make anyone feel bad about their pokemon. Let's just enjoy the moment, cool! Have fun!
  9. Hey blitz. Thanks buddy. I hope you enjoy your hunts too.
  10. Hey thanks. Same to you!
  11. Happy easter to you too and likewise! xD I hope we both find nice iv'd ones.
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