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  1. Sadly i cannot start sinnoh quest!.I have talked to Paul at Lilycove dock after finishing Hoenn Elite 4 ne brought me to Littlerout where everything start about the sinnoh quest but it seems there is a bug there! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ71Yu5dJCQ. Plz fix this...
  2. Hey everyone I have a really interesting thing. Yesterday and today as well I was in the bug catching contest map and everything was just okay. I catched may bugs and delete them if they are not okay, just as usualy everyone, but after a whilewhen I want to speak with the manager who help me to delete some bugs poke,the dialog just never start to appear and I cant move. Everyone moving,everything okay except that fact I cant move and the npc doesnt do anything so I stuck inone place. Ofc if I am reloging it drop me out of the map. Sorry for my bad english and I hope it can be solve somehow bc I cant enjoy the content.My charachter can be stuck anytime when I want to speak with that NPC who delete my pokes. If someone know this bug or what and have a clue what can I do then please tell me,thanks a lot :)
  3. I was playing this game along time ago and now i login to see my mount that i bought progress pokemon and literally everything gone. Could someone explain to me what happened? The mount i had was a latios if i remember correctly and also i still have 40 of these bought coins or idk what that is
  4. hello i started at johto on server gold an picked the wrong pokemon my questin is can i restart the pick or not?
  5. Like title says i have no pokemon in my party or PC, no pokedex, no items but i had money and store credits to buy clothing and mounts. Im stuck in pewter city because all exits require a pokemon on gold server and i have no badge it says, i dont think my acccount merged properly because i did have level 100 pokemon in the past.
  6. Buenas noches, discúlpeme. Quiero que arregle mi cuenta. Tenía 2 masterball y cuando actualizaron el juego ya no tenía ninguna, por favor ayúdenme con eso. Quiero que me las devuelvan, tambien esta misma mañana obtuve 1 más y también desaparecío.
  7. So I have fought Entei Guardian with my lava bell in my bag and also it's my 3rd battle, and I won the battle, but i don't get my entei reward, just asked to choose 4 pokes with no entei on the list, please help, this pic was taken after I beat him with 3rd consecutive wins
  8. i was catching chanseys in the morning, when i finish i went to pc for select the "bests" and i saw my chansey was doubled. i ignored it and put my "bests" chanseys on team and start to thrash all pc chanseys. When i was thrashing i saw (late) any time i thrash a doubled chansey my chanseys saved (on team) for train got erased too. My nickname is "channceeh1"
  9. Hi there, I have 289 Hours gameplay, I'm a returning player and I wanna join a guild for the benefits. Hit me up whenever and we can discuss stuff further
  10. I am unable to enter dragons den b1f and I'm not sure why. I have 273 caught data, the dragon medallion, the member ship and completed all of the club quest but the police still say "No you aren't allowed!"
  11. I use a tm´s on my pokemon, the chat say he laerned the move but when i click on the pokemon, dont have the move/tm Le enseñe un tm´s ami pokemon, en el chat dice que lo aprendio, pero luego cuando lo miro, no tiene el movineto/mt´s
  12. Cuando abro el juego desde mi android. No alcanzo a jugar ni 5 minutos que el juego se congela. Y debo hacer relog, y cuando vuelvo a abrirlo pasa lo mismo, no puedo jugar ni 1 minuto sin que esto vuelva a suceder. Quisiera saber cuál es el problema. Ya reinicie mi mobil, desinstale y volví a descargar la app y sigue pasando.
  13. Hello, My ign is tjodell. I am 25 and have recently discovered this awesome game. It definitely brings back the memories of playing pokemon as a kid. So far I love it, and I would like to join a guild that has active members. I want to establish some roots in the game and become part of a family. I am just about finished up with the Johto region, and I have been playing for a couple of weeks now. Pm me if you have room for me!
  14. Yesterday i traded with a player for a level up service, added him in friendlist and everything was fine, a few moments later Gold sarver crashed and now i can t find him in friendlist.is there a way to see the last player i traded with?
  15. Hello, i did a name change request more than 48 hours ago i believe. But still request pending. I hope i can get helped. Sorry for bad english ^^
  16. few days before when i was doing the weather legendary trio quest...for some reason i disconnected and when i logged in again all the progress was gone..... but the sad part is when i talk to jiracy(which i have done like 15 times now) i ask for more time and it says ..that all i can give u for now.....and also say come back later if i need more time but never give me any time...... i wanna catch this trio...plzz help me if u can....
  17. Hello, im looking for a fun, educated, friendly, honest and no stress guild in gold server! With 250+ hours of playtime at the moment! Kanto, Johto & Hoenn completed and half of Sinnoh region ... my IGN is Micael80.
  18. When I used the dig to cut path down the mountain I took a DC and I can not log in anymore server gold: :
  19. Hi , i just' do this thread just for repoprt the poison jab bu , muk can't learn it in PRO cause we just got a moove tutor in safary kanto - relearn mmove are checked and egg moove too that's all enjoy ! https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Muk_(Pok%C3%A9mon)
  20. hello,it's seem like bug?,i cant take my pokemon from store to my slot, after i buy some pokemon from other people,pls fix ,i already try many relog and re open client
  21. Dear PRO team. Today i encountered a bug while doing the mew quest at the part where you are supposed to encounter mewtwo in the cerulean cave. But, while i interact with mewtwo, it just disappear and no seen data entry for mewtwo.
  22. Why i didn't get lava bell for legendary dogs I played 452+hours and also all pokemons dex kanto and jhoto and mew,clebie,heatarn quest completed already I already encounterd all legendary dogs and legendary pokemons which is needed for this quest I already followed and completed every single step from https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/index.php?threads/★-legendary-megathread⎪complete-quests-and-seen-data.75301/ but didn't work that ncp is not giving me any bell just saying about not completed or something like that
  23. any staf member help me i cant unfriend my offline friend
  24. Lunar Guild Welcome to Lunar Our guild's aim is to be known as a Guild for the new players to join No matter what their knowledge About pokemon is they are still welcome Goal Becoming a guild for new players Then slowly become a guild for pvpers Benefits Training Services Pokemon Lending Pokemon Shops Guides Requirements Kanto Completed Discord Able to speak English Having self-control Format Ingame name - Age - Discord - Can you easily speak english - Regions finished - Any previous punishments on PRO - Why do you want to become a member in our Guild - Why should we accept you as a member - Additional Information -
  25. I don't know if it is happening to me or other players too.... Its really bad ... I am now decribing what is happening to me .... This happens to me yesterday.... See i entered pokecenter as well as transit area with the mount..... And , Since yesterday my battle screen is being frozen after a couple of moves .... Like i fought Immortal Oak , Erika (small boss) available at sevii island ... I thought it was just my internet lagging... But today i was fighting at Battle Tower .. and i was in Room no. 3 and the screen again froze ...like i dont know what to do ... So i just asked a moderator and they told me to make a report onto forums at the bug resolution ... And this image shows that i was at battle tower and and the screen froze ... I waited more then 10 mins ... If there was any case that i will get any attack by the opponent.... Same thing happens to me in all the other fights .... Lastly, the chat sections sucks ... As i cant provide screenshots for that ... I cant explain... So i cant say for this .. but soon i will post for this too..... On the last part... U have cleared chache .. reinstall the game ... And i request you to get me back with the fights ... As the fault is not from my side ... 3 battles .. Immortal Oak, Erika (Both in Sevii island) , and the battle tower ...(15k back or reissue my battle)
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