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  1. I don't know if it is happening to me or other players too.... Its really bad ... I am now decribing what is happening to me .... This happens to me yesterday.... See i entered pokecenter as well as transit area with the mount..... And , Since yesterday my battle screen is being frozen after a couple of moves .... Like i fought Immortal Oak , Erika (small boss) available at sevii island ... I thought it was just my internet lagging... But today i was fighting at Battle Tower .. and i was in Room no. 3 and the screen again froze ...like i dont know what to do ... So i just asked a
  2. Hello I try to use move relearner and pre evo move tutor but it shows no moves on wobbuffet only i dont know why i tried to relog too. Thanks for the respond!
  3. Not quite sure if this is known bug or supposed to be happen, but when I started the Pinkan Quest, they took my Poke, Great, Ultra and Master balls. But my Level, Lure etc balls stayed in my bag and could be used in the forest.
  4. What r the requirements to catch the legendary birds
  5. hi i have been collecting rare candies for a while now and now i been training pokes i was thinking to use those .. i went to look for them and saw there was only one when i checked earlier this morning i had 48 (playing on my phone) . when i checked later this night i checked on my laptop.. i dont know if this make any difference. to make sure i have not been using those for a while just saving up and neither did i sell those… i hope some1 would look throught this topic thanks. oshay.
  6. is it possible to use 3 legendary at the same time in rank game ??
  7. Lunar Guild Welcome to Lunar Our guild's aim is to be known as a Guild for the new players to join No matter what their knowledge About pokemon is they are still welcome Goal Becoming a guild for new players Then slowly become a guild for pvpers Benefits Training Services Pokemon Lending Pokemon Shops Guides Requirements Kanto Completed Discord Able to speak English Having self-control Format Ingame name - Age - Discord - Can you easily speak english - Regions finished - Any previous punishments on PRO - Why do you want to become a member in our Guil
  8. When I walk through any map of any region using a mount, i can't pass from one map to another map (f.e. to enter in a house or going from one route to another). What I have to do is to relog and pass through maps just by walking because with a mount I can't. Thank you
  9. I was erasing a gastly erased my dogtrio with the moves like dig cut and thief Please, can you return it to me? https://prnt.sc/o1fs55
  10. Wtf....are you kidding me why it says user already logged in? I cant log in my account. Fix it
  11. I lost my ms in the mail box please help
  12. While doing the bug catching i got an error message saying to report to the support staff. i was checking the score for a butterfree
  13. I was just wondering if the GUI scale bug that I'm experiencing is any closer to being resolved? I was told last month that the situation will be looked into and I am still experiencing this issue. And I was told there will be no ETA when it is done. So I was just wondering if it's any closer to being resolved
  14. Hello I'm trying to download the latest update Android client and when I log in said can't connect to the server... Let me know what I can Plz...ty
  15. I am stuck in a trainer dialogue. The text boxes don’t show up and I can’t continue through the dialogue. I’ve tried logging out and restarting the client but I’m still stuck
  16. Hey, I wanted to know if it was possible to reset all progress in my gold server and how to do that ? Cheers
  17. Guild is closed sorry
  18. Hello I have a problem with tutor heave and is that i'm not able to go there. I finished in ladder but still cant go in there :/
  19. I have a problem in PRO and sorry for my bad English... I've been Tp yesterday in Celadion after a crash server and I have just one Badge , dont have "Cut" attack and cant continue the game or back earlier. Can you help me to solve my problem please?
  20. Hello, I am playing on gold server. I have given my "Clamperl (ID:18234613)" holding Deep Sea Tooth item to my friend (myalo) in order to evolve it to Huntail (Since it is required for Sinnoh quest). Apparently he didn't have any space on his party and the pokemon went to the PC. It didn't ask to evolve. Moreover now he is not able to move the pokemon to the party and he is not able to trade it back to me. Probably it is a bug, please help me with this issue. Regards
  21. Balkan Mafia 11/100 -Trenutno smo novi i u potrazi za sto vise balkanaca (igraca) koji su voljni pridruziti se u nas Guild -Nemam sto vise dodavati jer trenutno nemamo puno ljudi i kroz odredjeno vrijeme cemo praviti eventove i svakakve stvari od doniranja, pomaganja i svega cim nas se vise skupi --Sve sto je potrebno za uci u guild je kontaktirati nekoga od nas na discordu ili ingame-- IGN - bull3tinhead IGN - Nemanja (officier) IGN - TheZeko (officier) IGN - Vochko (officier) Discord - Bull3tinhead#9305 ili ostavite post sa vasim IGN i u sto brze moguce vrijeme
  22. hello,it's seem like bug?,i cant take my pokemon from store to my slot, after i buy some pokemon from other people,pls fix ,i already try many relog and re open client
  23. When I used the dig to cut path down the mountain I took a DC and I can not log in anymore server gold: :
  24. Dear PRO team. Today i encountered a bug while doing the mew quest at the part where you are supposed to encounter mewtwo in the cerulean cave. But, while i interact with mewtwo, it just disappear and no seen data entry for mewtwo.
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