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  1. The issue gets triggered when server lags, then gets delayed, the lag is not noticeable in the first few moments, til you interact with something hence between interacting something; between those moments, you encounter a wild poke, thats how it will trigger and ends up being stuck, the issue cant be resolved with resync and this will have to force the user to relog. This matter is related to the codings where a trainer waits for you to finish a battle when you encounter wild pokes as they noticed you. Also this issue can even cross the borders like in bcc. The coding of this current feature seems to messed up the former battle style and the other one. Plz if you guys are reading this, try to check this. Ty
  2. Hi! There is a bug, at least, with Erika boss (I don't know other bosses). I was battling her, I setted the field with Stealth Rock and 3 piles of Spikes and I ended the match using Roar with my Skarmory to wear Torterra and Tangrowth down. The problem is that when Torterra came into play (last pokemon alive), he died but apparantly there was another turn. I chose an attack (Roost) and suddendly it was displayed "Torterra has fainted", and the match ended without any reward, no money and no pokes. I talked Erika again and she told me we have recently battled. The worst thing is that the consecutive wins has reseted to 0. So I guess there is a bug with winning a match with entry hazards.
  3. my game broke out and now I can't go to sinnoh hannah just disappeared
  4. i have black suit clothes and when i go to backpack to use it i dont find it and when i search for it i find black glasses! and i never have black glasses what a bug please help me i need my black suit back:cryeevee:
  5. my tyrunt level up in daytime but not evolve to tyrantrum. Now my tyrunt level 100. How to evolve it
  6. Staff. Pls learn my clefable move cosmic power i use it for bosses but i traded to my freind for pvp and he withput informing me changed its move cosmic power to flamethrower. I use to defeat bosses by stalling it.. I would request u guys to relearn tis move to my clef and remove move flamethrower
  7. Hola nose nada sobre la pagina juego 4 años y nunca me pasó sobre recuperar
  8. Hi, my main acc now is this acc Goublin, i have 2 other acc that i dont use anymore and now i want to rename my main acc to that my sub acc name so can mod/admin/staff here can help me delete all my sub acc ? If it cant be delete then if i rename my sub acc to other name, then can my main acc rename that my sub acc have before ? sr for my bad english
  9. Hi, Happy new year. I just suggest to extend the battle of chris :( i want the reward. But i havent battle him in one week since we have an outing and the place have no signal, so i havent played pro for one week :( Its okay if it cant be extend. Many of my friends have a same place so were a bit sad.
  10. Hello , iam using a rotom wash with specs..and idk if happens for this... when i was battling i use trick move hmm .. after i finish battle and when i saw in pokemons items there was no choice specs...and was looking and looking but still i have x1 ...because before battle i have 2 of them one in backpack and one in rotom. Hmm pls check for it what happens
  11. Hello everyone We are looking for PvP players for our guild name BharatMahan. If you are interested so you can join us Leader: TheWaterDrop Founder: Princekashyap Discord: princekashyap#3731 Guild Discord server : https://discord.gg/dN2j7ZE
  12. Hello my Lucario had learned nasty plot when it was a Riolu, when I changed the move for a boss I tried to teach him nasty plot again via egg move and move learner and it is not showing nasty plot option. Can you please help me and tell me how I can teach my Lucario nasty plot?
  13. help boat unintentionally my epic rattata to the trash help please
  14. Hello, everyone calls me Xera. I've been around for awhile now and caught a break for a few months due to a family situation and me moving and yadé yadé. Turns out, a lot of my friends i used to play with don't play anymore, and so i'm looking for a active, social guild where i can help out a little too. I know some guilds like to inspect, so screenshot is below. Other than that, i'd preffer to be contacted through discord, since i'm not on the game all the time, and i am on discord. Discord tag: Xeratios#9938
  15. My Growlithe can't be evolved with fire stone. In Kanto The Growlithe has a bug. It's level 48, but after the evolving it became growlithe again. Please help me. İ reload the game but did't change.
  16. Bonjour à tous ceux qui lisent ces lignes. Je suis un vieux joueur de Pokemon voulant jouer avec des français en toute bonne amitié et tranquillité. Concernant les Guildes, sachez que je m'en sors très bien en terme de stratégie Pokemon, et que si vos objectifs est d'être la "meilleur" guilde du serveur je serais contant de vous y aidé. Pour ceux qui aiment juste les jeux en luis même, et qui adorent capturé tout ce qui bouge je suis aussi partant. Français, actifs, sympas, +17 ans. : PikaLurk:
  17. Bonjour à tous ceux qui lisent ces ligne, je suis un vieux joueur de Pokemon et je cherche des gens qui veulent bien jouée avec un nouveau joueurs français sur le serveur Gold en toute bonne amitié et tranquillité. Concernant les guildes françaises, sachez que je suis un bon joueur en matière de stratégies, et que si votre but est d'être la "meilleur" guilde du serveur, je serait contant de vous y aidé. Français, sympas, actifs, +17 ans.
  18. Hello! I recently auctioned off an Amoonguss to tejkkapadia123. We seem to keep missing each other in game somehow. Would be amazing if the staff could help us finalize the transaction! Thread containing the auction: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/143528-url/?do=findComment&comment=789157 Consent: The pokemon (my account name is deita)
  19. Good day sir, I had been doing lake trio quest I have some doubts 1st of all is lake trio quest still active And after completing everything.. And meeting every requirements.. That lady professor dawn is still telling me how is your investigation going on........ At the last part where she should ask me which lake guardian i choose... I am attaching s.s of my requirments Pls check and replay should i do anything more?? With respect Bilaljohn4u
  20. I dont have the ID of my missing pokemon. Because i havent delete it. It was just vanish in my storage. The pokemon is Zoroak. If it can be retrieve? And i have a item that is missing too. But i buy it on trade. The item is lagging tail. And i think there's a bug when u trade many lend pokes. Its like.. it can duplicate. But i think its fixed. When the server reset after that.
  21. 21:05 Saturday, 15 February 2020 (BRT) On this date something happened on the server and it keeps crashing all the time, then it stopped crashing, so I went to do the event, everything was going well, after I went into battle with the event clefairy the server crashed and I didn't capture it, I spoke with APP in the game said it was unfair and such, so she told me to post on the forum and here I am. I want some response from the team, because I think it is very unfair for a person to lose an event pull so that the server account falls and does nothing.
  22. habia entrado en el juego a la zona safari, solamente alcance a capturar a paras id: 32410356, estaba buscando pokemones y el juego me deja innhabilitado, y solo estuve no mas de 5 minutos, cual el juego me saco de la zona dejandome en la entrada pidiendo que vuelva a entrar, cual tengo reclamo de que me haya sacado de la zona safari, si pasa una vez, puede que suceda mas de 1 vez, escribi en other, sin respuesta alguna, espero pueda haber solucion en el juego
  23. Hello, I have completed the valentine event without being able to fight the lvl 80 clefable, when i found it, it only showed me a message that said something about " I should tell Jerome about.." and that's it. So I did went to Jerome and finished the event attending the wedding. I read other posts here on the forum and saw that the staff is capable to see the variables about people that have fought the Clefable or something like that, so I wanted to ask if you can do the same for me, to check my "no fight" against the clefable. Thanks for your time Fivan25 Server: gold
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