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  1. It's funnier if you miss click it.
  2. I got a long time and with help from an other player only to get "pick axe" with 870k. Why would you even want a pick axe if you can't even afford the ms medaillon
  3. I just post here because Sceo want to FeelsBadMan
  4. Well a simple Idea can be to redirect new players into the least populated server (i.e blue) (like an invisible wall redirecting a newbie and showing him the server where to go or at least recommending him that server) Let's make blue great again
  5. Thanks, i'm not used to post on mobile ^^
  6. Kappa PS : I'm not criticizing shane amazing job it's just for the lolz I also know that mappers, dev and others work separately ^^
  7. :confused: :confused: :confused: Surrender button + Opponent win coin on dc are the best idea, if we could have both than it would be perfect !
  8. I know someone who dc'ed a lot because of his unstable 4g and still managed to climb to the rank 5 of blue pvp players so ^^ Couldn't agree more. Just give the winner his coin, dc or not. This might not be THAT hard to code (even if it's hard then it would be easier than coding an AI to finish the game imo)
  9. Aren't the pokemons in his lab ? did you checked if there are 3 pokeballs in the table ?
  10. "Sleep Talk while awake(doesn't consume PP, if you see the opponent not using a move while awake, it's this)" Is this really banned ? (i don't use it but i'll take for example when i play showdown) Sometimes when i'm sleeping i use sleep talk to don't waste turn but i can't precisely know when my pokemon will wake up again and i end up wasting a turn using sleep talk when my poke just woke up that turn, so is this case banned ?
  11. Yeah i think too that events like the clone event would be the best way to implement them :y:
  12. Is it fair for players to face an extremely broken pokemon ? The argument of rarity isn't one, you can't go hunt for a Uber poke and then complain because it is/will get banned. This is valid for all the tiers, expect LC and Uber (maybe other ones but those are the most used). And uber ban are voted by majority (60%+ not just 50%) Why even discuss if this stupid argument come everytime (don't misunderstood me, i'm not insulting you). Of course every poke can be countered (well expect mega rayquaza but even him can be (sometimes) killed), but that doesn't mean they aren't OP, Mewtwo can be countered, but everyone here will agree that mewtwo is stupidly OP and should never be allowed here, same goes for other pokemons like h.a gothi or h.a blaziken.
  13. Then track the dc's and punish multiple dc between the same players at lower elo, or make a number of hours playtime before being able to pvp (something like 100h for example) this will limit this.
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