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  1. Hello everyone, Welcome to Legacy guild, The most important is that we aren't just a guild , we are a family so be cool and Enjoy CLick Here to join our DISCORD SERVER OUR AMBITION We strive to be the best in whatever we do, including --->Be a trustful guild family<--- --->To build a respectful community around the game <--- WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN US Are you one of those people who wants to: 1. Looking for a place to chill and laid back? 2. Searching for a competitive guild? 3. Need a family to chat,help,and guide you in PRO? Search no more! We got everything that you can even dream of. Don't wait anymore! Proceed with reading the rules below if you're interested in joining us. RULES 1. Flaming, racial, toxic, tantrum, or any kind of high provoking activities/behavior will result in a removal/black-listed. 2. SCAMMING regardless of reason is not allowed either. Picking a victim and scamming them is considered as a low class act by an insecured people. 3. Be nice to each and everyone else, be it guild members or Guild Friends. 4. Unnecessary drama within guildmates or bringing drama from other guilds to our guild is not allowed. 5. In case if you have any problems please approach an officer and explain your issue before creating a ruckus on your own GUILD FEATURES What would a great guild be without a nice perks, right? We got tons of benefit such as; ● Guild Bank (You can borrow Pokémons for PvP or Story) ● Dex Service ● 25% Exp Boost + 7% Exp Boost ● Guild-Interaction TOURNEY/EVENT As an active guild, we do have lots of event/tourney planning with most notable including; the standard Hide N Seek event, lucky draw, friendly tourney and much more!!! REQUIREMENTS/HOW TO APPLY Here's what we're looking for: • Being Active in-game and Chat (Discord) • NOT SO TOXIC Interested in joining us? Here's how: 1. Age :- 2. Playtime hours :- 3. Able to use Discord , Most Important :- 4. Your previous Guild, why did you leave them (in case you were Kicked, then why?) :- 5. Other than having fun playing the game, what are your goals in PRO? :- GUILD PICTURES GOOD LUCK. AND BEST OF WISH FROM THE MANAGEMENT TEAM!!!!
  2. Hallo Ihr Lieben, wir, die deutschsprachige Gilde „MewtusRache“, suchen immer nach aktiven Spielern, die eine Gemeinschaft und Mitspieler suchen, um den Spaß am Spiel mit anderen zu teilen. Bei uns steht der Spielspaß immer an erster Stelle und wir setzen keine Voraussetzungen im Storyfortschritt oder PvP-Ranking. Wenn wir weiterhin motiviert und zielgerichtet voranschreiten werden, wird sich das Gildenranking irgendwann von allein aufbauen. Aus diesem Grund nehmen wir gerne auch Neulinge im Spiel auf. Egal ob bei Problemen in der Story, Fragen zu PvP-Knowledge oder allgemeinen Fragen zum Spiel, wird man bei uns immer jemanden finden der mit fachkundigem Expertenwissen auf seinem Gebiet Lösungen kennt und diese auch gerne mit dir teilt. Wir bieten einen Exp-Bonus von 7.5%. Weiterhin bieten wir unseren eigenen Discord-Server, der neben dem Reborn-Helferbot und einem gildeninternen Marktplatz unter anderem auch genug Platz bietet, um seine Ideen und Vorschläge kundzugeben und zu diskutieren. Gildeninterne relevante Veränderungen von Terminen oder sonstigem werden hier selbstverständlich auch angekündigt. Um das Gemeinschaftsgefühl zu stärken veranstalten wir regelmäßig Gildenevents. Unser wöchentliches Hide&Seek Event mit lohnenden Preisen hat schon vielen glücklichen Gewinnern den Sonntag verschönert. Wenn ihr Lust bekommen habt mal das Zusammenspielen in einer Gilde kennenzulernen, allgemein Gesellschaft beim Spielen sucht, eure alte Gilde in Inaktivität versinkt oder ihr neu im Spiel seid und noch mit einem großen „?“ durchs Spiel lauft, schreibt mir einfach unter diesem Beitrag, meldet euch bei Brickx, Marksman1303, alucaardx, Limette515, Ikurashy, Cardiolo, Quantendynamik oder einem anderen Spieler mit unserem Gildenlogo. Wir sehen uns Online
  3. Necromancers are a guild located on the Gold server that doesn't specialize in any particular field, but are however more of a PvE-oriented guild. This guild is fairly new and it was created by two competent Contributors that each excels in different fields. So we can ensure that you get the support you need, access to guidance, and all while making it a fun and enjoyable guild for everyone. Feel free to join us on our journey in building a friendly, supportive, safe, and fun guild on PRO! The artwork and the guild itself are based on the Manga Solo Leveling. Haven't read Solo Leveling yet? Then you are sadly missing out on a great action, adventure, and fantasy packed story. As a guild, we do have to set some requirements. But do not take them as barriers that prevent you from applying! Even if you feel like you are not fulfilling some or all of the mandatory or optional requirements, we may still accept you! Mandatory requirements: (These are mandatory requirements that we want to see in all our applicants) • Communicate in English on a basic level* • Completed the Kanto Region** • Be at least 16 years old** • Have a Discord account and be fairly active on Discord from time to time *Preferably Intermediate level or above, but exceptions can be made **Exceptions can be made Optional requirements: (These are the non-mandatory requirements that we wish to see in all our applicants) • Someone who can take jokes and isn't a snowflake • Is active on PRO and have a fair understanding of the game • Wants to participate and engage in and with the guild • Supportive, motivated, cheerful, and helpful Below you will find the application format that you should be following when posting your application. Keep in mind that we may decline your application if it deviates too far from the application format below. How do I join the guild? Copy the application template below, fill it out, then post it below. How will I know if I got accepted or not? If you get accepted, we will reply to your application below and PM you for further instructions. My application hasn't been answered yet, help! If it has been more than 2 days, you can bump your application or PM one of the co-owners for further assistance. Application Template: • IGN (In-Game Name): • Your age: • What type of player are you? • Have you completed the Kanto region? (Yes/No) • Do you use Discord frequently and have it installed? • Why do you want to join this guild? • What is your favorite Pokémon? An example of Application: The Guild Master of Necromancers, one of the co-owners, leader of the guild, and the Discord server owner. Scara - @Scara The Vice-Guild Master of Necromancers, one of the co-owners, and a guild officer. Electrocute4u - @Electrocute4u They are in charge of recruiting and promoting new initiates that join the guild. Once a member has been promoted, they will appear here. These are the core members of the guild, they make up the guild in its entirety. Currently looking for new members to fill these empty spots! A special thanks to @Electrocute4u for the amazing guild artwork and for creating this entire guild post.
  4. Currently, our applications our live!. Who are we? We are a PvP Guild that aspires to help newer players with an interest in PvP to learn and create a social environment that will have players more than happy to come online, have a chat or two with guildies, and create a genuinely friendly player base. A big thing that we have noticed with bigger PvP guilds is that their chats are usually quiet, and this is the biggest thing we want to avoid. To keep our mentality away from that, our motto is: "We are a guild good at pvp, not a pvp guild." What are the benefits? You will be able to participate in our guild-exclusive events, such as Hunting or Tourney events, be able to buy items and Pokemon exclusive to the guild, and enjoy a welcoming, willing-to-help community of players! Requirements - 200 Hours - Sinnoh Completed - An interest in PvP - Discord (For Event Participation) - Must know English (For ease of communication with all members) - Must be 16+ years old After posting your Application, you may expect an answer within 24 hours. Please Fill out this form in your post; One of the Officers or Leaders will add you on Discord This prompt may also be filled out on #recruited channel in our discord! Ascension Discord! Please put your answers below each respective question. What is your IGN? What is your discord? Tell us a little about yourself. How many hours do you currently have? Do you know any existing members? Have you been in a guild before? If so, which one(s)? What are your expectations for this guild? What You are looking for from the guild? What other games do you play online? What is your favorite pokemon and what made them stick out to you? In your own words, please describe why you need to be recruited into this guild. If you're interested in PvP what is your favorite Archetype to use (Ex. HO, Balance, Stall, Weather, etc)?
  5. !!Syndicate!! By setting its torch-like tail ablaze, this Pokémon can heat the atmosphere and change the weather. In fact, legend has it that Reshiram's flames are capable of incinerating the world itself, so perhaps the world's continued safety is a sign of its goodwill. Reshiram is said to help those who seek to build a world of truth. This is Syndicate! The fighters of truth and Reshiram. We want to create the greatest envoirnment for our members here at Syndicate. Most important thing for us is the community. It will always come first! We have an active Discord server where we provide with all kind of help with the likes of PvP-Coaching , Team-Building , Guild Events & much more fun! We have fun in Syndicate. And more important, we have fun together!! Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family - GP on Syndicate Founder & Leader GoldenP1kachu Officers of Syndicate Paprikaflow Aaakkktttoooppp Gdxe Serkaninc Bagadzilla Hiza Nikolo13 Hundjager 1. Must be able to use the english language. 2. Be active in game 3. Be active on Discord 4. Age 18+ 5. Finished Full Story 6. 200+ Hours in game. 7. The Last Requirements is to be filled when you have been accepted to Syndicate. 1-2 Months as Initiate toprove that you are the right suit for Syndicate and vice versa. 1. Screenshot of your trainer card: 2. Favorite Pokemon: 3. Age: 4. Goals in PRO: 5. Country: 6. Reason for joining Syndicate: Send you Discord Tag in the application aswell!! Copy and paste this to answer in order to send your application!!! Come join the future! UP THE SYNDICATE!
  6. Vangogsan - Guild Leader Susantlc - Officer Shardxyn - Officer We are a society whose interests are focused on the development and improvement of pvp and the skills of individual players. Our goal is to be competitive and consistent in the TOP 3 GUILDS in the server. We also aim to create a pleasant friendly environment and new friendships around the world. We are looking for permanent and active players with passion in development for pvp who love the game. We also value a good tone and a friendly atmosphere , so the players we are looking for must be friendly and chill. +25% exp boost ( if we manage to get into the top 10 guilds) Access to Guild Island (at some time) any help and fastest possible answers in case of difficulty hunting and other events Access to Guild bank of pokemons for use - Active Discord user - Friendly and kind - 600 + hours - To follow PRO rules - permanently activity - Monthly participation in Normal Ranked PvP and at least 120 rank total at the end of the month Post a message in this thread with the following information : What is your In Game Name ? How old are you ? What is your Discord ID ? What is your favorite Pokemon ? What is your rank in the last 3 seasons ? We dream big
  7. VALORANT - RECRUITION IS OPEN NOW Come on! Lets play together! ABOUT US We are an active guild that focus on PvP as much as keeping a good environment for PRO community, helping one another and being active in all places. we guide our fellow members to be friendly, while also being competitive. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS Our guild conducts various Events and Competitions like Hunting, Tournaments, Giveaways, Etc. It will be a fun experience while you are at our guild. We also provide you with services such as lending, leveling or trading Etc.. which can help young PvP players to grow and try different things, meanwhile improving their skills. REQUIREMENTS FOR JOINING - 200 Hours playtime in PRO. - At least three regions completed [Kanto, Jhoto and Hoenn]. - An Interest in PvP. - Should have Discord to participate in Events like Giveaways. -Should be able to Converse in English. IF YOU WANT TO JOIN OUR GUILD, PLS FILL OUT THIS FORM THAT IS ENTITLED HERE. APPLICATION FOR GUILD: #1 What is your IGN? #2 What is your Discord ID? #3 Tell us a little about yourself. #4 How many hours do you currently have? #5 What are the Expectations you have for this Guild? #6 What are you looking for? #7 What is your favorite Pokemon and why? #8 Rate your PvP skills [out of 10]. GUILD DETAILS LEADER: Ash77. CO-LEADER: Tgbnamish. Head-Staff: Ivanchris,Zerconix. THANK YOU FOR TAKING YOUR TIME SEEING THIS.
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