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  1. hi is there a guild fr (french) that recruits?
  2. Hello everyone! Our guild is creating an event and everyone can join it. If you are not from the guild, It will cost only 25k as an entrance Fee. Time: 21h 31/5 (GTM +7 ) - This event only last about 30 mins so make sure that you dont miss it. Countdown time for the event Place: Goldenrod Pokecenter - You must come to this place 10mins earlier before joining bug catching. Event: Bug catching contest, who have the highest points in bug catching will win. If you don't know what "bug catching contest" is, check this link: https://tinyurl.com/newprobug Prize: -Top 1: 2.000.000 $ -Top 2: 1.000.000 $ -Top 3: 800.000 $ -Top 4: 700.000 $ -Top 5: 500.000 $ - 1 random participant: 1 Coin capsule (Using random.org ) * Incase the points between players are the same, lower ID pokemon will win. *To submit your poke, you must joining our discord server and post a screenshot there. Join our discord An old bug catching event screenshot:
  3. Hello, Today I loan a pokemon from a player. It was a Seaking for defeating Hannah for getting to Sinnoh. Unfortannly this player is not on my friendlist and im searching for the player. Please respond or add me ingame: Alhomese, so I can return your pokemon. Yours sincerely, Alhomese.
  4. UNDER CONSTRUCTION 3.31.2020 Our goals are to have fun playing PRO while staying social and interacting with other guild members using Discord. We don't need or expect people to be top tier PvPers, be millionaires, or have hundreds of hours dedicated to PRO. We'd rather have social people that talk in Discord and have fun! Everyone is welcome in our guild, so if you are looking for a friendly and helpful guild, then this might be the guild for you! -A VERY social Discord community with members coming from everywhere around the world. -Regional sweepers -Weekly events that always reward 200k+ in prizes. -Guild shop (You submit, we P/C if you want, sell the mon, and give you the money :) ) -Daycare and egg-move services -Guides and helpful links -We have cupcakes! -Hunters, Farmers, PROS, Veterans, Rookies, Poke Enthusiasts, literally anyone is welcome! All we ask is that you join our Discord and talk to us! We just really like to talk! Lol. xD -We use Discord for EVERYTHING, we do NOT use the in-game guild chat tab, so Discord is a requirement! We are constantly coming up with new event ideas but you are more than welcome to share any sorts of creative ideas as you please. We are also constantly adding pokes into our guild bank; including hunters, sweepers, etc. We are looking into creating a guild gym system where members can battle the officers/gym leaders. Creator/Leader: Mr. Hugglesworth 1st Officer: Tanuki01 2nd Officer: Icing Event Officer: Juruzu & Tanuki01 & Icing PvP Officers: Flappington (aka. Flap) & NeyofMine Recruitment Officer: Icing & Juruzu Discord Officer: NeyofMine & Icing Please fill out this form if you are looking into joining us! We are constantly looking for new recruits! Just copy and paste below in the comments and fill it to the best of your abilities! #1: What is your in-game name? #2: What is your age? #3: What is your Discord ID? #4: How many hours do play PRO each day? #5: What are your total number of hours in PRO? #6: How many badges have you collected? #7: What would you think your specialty on PRO is (PvP/Trading/Hunter/etc.)? #8: What can you bring to us if you joined? If you do not get a response in a reasonable amount of time, please add lcing#3676 (lowercase L) on Discord! If you are looking to become an officer in this guild, then please PM me! I will ask you a few questions and see where it goes from there. Thank you for considering Castaway!
  5. I'm new here and I'm playing on android but all the letters and buttons are so small i can't click them, is there any way to change the resolution of the screen on android to make everything bigger?
  6. Hello i am from the guild named Amalgamation and currently having the problem where Officers can't add other users, we've tried about everything and nothing works, any fix to this?
  7. IS RECRUITING PVP AND SOCIAL PLAYERS! >>Guild Website<< >>Guild Shop<< WhiteSyndicate was 10th Top PVP Guild last Season! Welcome and thank you for the taking the time to view this post and perhaps see WhiteSyndicate as a running leader in your search for a guild. Please find details below, and our overall story including our requirements to join. (we have recently changed our logo, hense the multiple logo's on the pictures) Ciecaring First Officer [spoiler=Ciecaring] UnknownDeath414 PVP Officer [spoiler=UnknownDeath414] TROUBLE66 Guild Officer [spoiler=TROUBLE66] DRDoctor Guild Officer [spoiler=DRDoctor] ChaoTiiK Recruitment Officer [spoiler=ChaoTiiK] Alan5690 Events Officer [spoiler=Alan5690] IngmarM Guild Officer [spoiler=IngmarM] Please use the below form and post a reply to this post to apply for a position in our guild. Please remember to check the above requirments to join the guild. We wish you the best of luck! Name in the Game: How many Hours game play do you have currently? How many badges do you currently have? Do you know the differences between IV's and EV's? Your discord username (must include the #0000 numbers): Do you have an interest in PVP? How Many PVP Points do you have? Are you an active member that enjoys communicating and helping other people? Why do you feel you would make a good member of our guild? Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Big thank you to ToniJade#1692, the awesome wife of our first officer, for providing the logo and all artwork for WhiteSyndicate
  8. About us Hello trainer! Welcome to Shinigami's guild recruiting thread. We are currently recruiting active players from GOLD server. Shinigami is the future top guild in GOLD, consists of top pvp player well its my ambition. We are encouraging our members to pvp, to learn more about pokemon, because pokemon isn't just a pokemon. We just revive the guild that means we currently have a few members, if you want still to join us feel free to answer the joining survey. The Shinigami guild is focused on pvp, hunting, advising each other with that someone might become a better player. We will also have a lots events and tournaments soon Guild's ambition •To become the best guild in GOLD server. •To have relationship more than ingame friends. Rules •Follow PRO's TOS •Be active ingame and in discord •Respect everyone whether in guild or not •No scamming Requirements to join •You must have general knowledge in pokemon, like what is/are the iv, ev, nature. •Must have beaten all region. •You must be willing to learn PVP •Must have discord. It is very important. Joining survey •Are you able to join in our discord server? •What are your goals in PRO? What are your hobby ingame? •What can you contribute to the guild? •Give us a short introduction about yourself •Screenshot of your trainer's card The Leader, Council,and the Members Leader Tatsumiii Council: Members: Good luck :o
  9. SOMMAIRE I. Histoire et présentation de la guilde II. Pourquoi nous rejoindre ? III. Recrutement IV. Evénements V. Illustrations contributeurs I. Histoire et présentation de la guilde En décembre 2016, j'ai créé la French Connexion. Cette dernière a pour vocation de fédérer les joueurs français sous une seule enseigne, ainsi, nous ne recrutons que des joueurs parlant français. Depuis sa fondation, la guilde a su grandir, recruter des joueurs actifs sur le long terme, et a développé certaines valeurs : L’entraide entre les joueurs, la formation des nouveaux en découverte du jeu, et le respect des autres membres. Le tout en n’oubliant pas de prendre plaisir à jouer à PRO. Bien sûr, notre guilde cherche tout de même à monter dans le classement PVP, nous nous sommes placés dans le top 10 des dernières saisons. N’étant pas notre objectif premier, nous ne serons peut etre jamais en tete du ladder guild, mais nous sommes tout de meme très bien classés. ( entre 3 et 5eme du serveur en moyenne ) En novembre 2017, au fil des derniers mois, la French Connexion a grandement évolué : Présence continue dans le top 10 Ladder Guild, discord utilisé tous les jours et ouvert aux autres guildes, location du Bot Reborn, événements internes réguliers, présence d'une banque de guilde, etc. Ces changements nous ont amenés à repenser la direction que notre Guilde prend, nous gardons nos valeurs, mais le PVP a pris une place plus importante au sein de la Guilde. Pour suivre ces changements, le logo de la Guilde méritait donc une mise à jour. Le 8 novembre 2017, la French Connexion a vu son logo modifié : Vidéo de recrutement de la guilde : II. Pourquoi nous rejoindre ? La première raison qui pousse les joueurs à rejoindre une guilde est le bonus d’expérience de +32,5% apporté par la place de la Guilde dans le Ladder PVP et par le nombre de membres. Mais une Guilde est bien plus qu’un Bonus EXP, c’est avant tout l’association de joueurs qui ont des objectifs communs : PVP, collection, prendre plaisir au jeu, etc. Cette association passe par le partage de connaissances sur le jeu et l’entraide. Exemple : Prêt de PKM pour tester en PVP (nous ne prêtons pas aux membres récents, beaucoup ne restent pas sur le jeu et nous ne revoyons pas les PKM). Jouer seul au jeu se résume à l’aventure, jouer en Guilde vient agrandir l’expérience du jeu PRO. La Guilde est aussi là pour représenter la communauté française sur le serveur, venez nous aider à montrer la force des francophones quand ils s'unissent! III. Recrutement Nous recrutons tout joueur parlant français peu importe son expérience de Pokemon et son objectif dans le jeu : PVP, commerce, farm, Il y a tout de même quelques règles à respecter : Être sur le serveur Gold et parler français. Respecter les règles du jeu PRO. Nous ne voulons pas de tricheurs dans la guilde. Jouer régulièrement. Nous voulons des joueurs qui restent à long terme. Notre turn-over est important, lorsqu’un joueur n’est plus actif sur une longue période, ce dernier est exclu de la guilde pour être remplacé par un nouveau membre. Tout joueur exclu pour inactivité peut revenir s’il compte continuer à jouer au jeu. Si quelqu’un part en vacance, il a juste à prévenir notre Leader. Être mature. limite d’âge 16 ans minimum, mais la maturité est un critère important pouvant conduire à l’exclusion de la personne. Le respect des autres membres. Nous n’hésitons pas à exclure un membre irrespectueux envers les autres membres de la guilde. Vous pouvez vous disputer avec d’autres membres de la communauté PRO si cela ne vient pas ternir l’image de la Guilde. Être autonome. La guilde n’est pas là pour donner des PKM, elle est là pour donner les outils vous permettant de réfléchir. La nature vous a doté d’un cerveau, à vous de vous en servir, beaucoup de joueurs posent des questions où il suffit de taper le mot sur google et la réponse s’y trouve directement, on vous donne les outils et c’est à vous de vous en servir par la suite. Être sympa et vouloir participer activement au développement de la guilde. Être sur Discord (obligatoire) Modification récente, avec le nombre de candidatures toujours croissant nous avons décidé de ne prendre que les personnes ayant fini hoenn. Si vous désirez nous rejoindre, vous pouvez remplir ce questionnaire : Pour toute question, vous pouvez nous contacter sur discord ou ingame, moi ou les officiers éventuellements presents IV. Evénements À la demande des membres, nous organisons des événements. Evénements passés : Monotype War Le principe est simple: Chacun choisit un type de PKM et constitue une Team avec des PKM qui ont ce type (double-type acceptés). Un tournoi est ensuite organisé pour l'ordre des battles. Gagnant : Smokincatcher Tournoi Captain Des capitaines ont été désignés et doivent former une team de 3 joueurs avec 2 autres joueurs qu'ils ont choisis. Un tournoi est ensuite organisé pour l'ordre des battles. Gagnant : Team Tanjiroart avec HollowPikachu et Trax67240 PUBG (Pokémon Unknown Battle Ground) Le but est de combattre les autres adversaires et rester le dernier survivant dans la zone sélectionnée. Avec les règles OU de base pendant les combats, vous devez obligatoirement accepter les invitations des autres joueurs. Entre les combats, vous pouvez aller vous soigner près de l'infirmière et prévenir quand vos Pokémon sont faibles. Gagnant : Smokincatcher Tournoi Surprise Un tournoi normal, mais un changement dans les règles sera rélévé à la dernière minute. Règle de dernière minute : Le véritable nom du tournoi c'est "Tournoi Échange de team" durant un combat vous échangez votre team avec celui de votre adversaire pour l'affronter avec celle-ci. Gagnant : Smokincatcher Tournoi Theme Un tournoi avec des teams à thèmes : Mono région - Mono couleur - monotype - mono lettre. Gagnant : HollowPikachu Shiny Chase Concours de farm d'un PKM, l'objectif est d'obtenir les meilleurs IVs sur ce PKM. Et l'événement s'arrête lorsqu'un joueur trouve ce PKM en shiny. Gagnants : 1er : KirikouLeRoux - 2ème : Kaminokage - 3ème : Kaminokage - Shiny trouvé par Kaminokage Quizz Un Quizz sur Pokemon dans le discord de la Guilde. Gagnants : 1er : Rosalina47 - 2ème : HollowPikachu - 3ème : Alab Excavations & Bug Catching Nous faisons en groupe tous les soirs les Excavations ainsi que la Bug Catching ensemble. Dig spot & Pokestop Nous faisons en groupe le lundi soir et le vendredi soir les Dig spot ainsi que les Pokestop ensemble. Tournoi PU-NU Un tournoi avec des teams composées de PKM PU ou NU. Illustration réalisée par Gapart ( son site si vous voulez https://gapartist.com/ )
  10. Greetings! We are Origins, A mixture of a Competitive and a Vibrant community composed of individuals who shares the same goal: To Polish each other's craft and grow together as a guild. We have successfully built an enjoyable community for both PVE and PVP members of our guild, while maintaining a strong competitive aspect. We are an interactive community that focuses on our development as a guild. For those who are seeking a competitive guild, with an active discord, PvP training, and tournaments You are in the right place. For those who are seeking guilds that welcomes PvE players such as hunters etc, You are also in the right place. Our roster consists of experienced competitive pvpers who hails from Showdown, PRO, P1, Pokemon Planet and other pokemon games. We have people who are experts in teambuilding. We have people who wants to complete the shiny dex. We have people who fights for glory. Come be a part of our Guild, and our Adventure. We are Origins. PVE Guild Dex Hunting Groups Guild Events Hangouts Group pictures PVP PVP TEAM LENDING SYSTEM (Guild bank) Expertise in Teambuilding Showdown & In game Tourneys Origins Plateau WIP Bi-Weekly Sparring Session in game So, You may be wondering, What is so special about us? To illustrate, a rebuilding guild is a like empty canvas, together we will paint our own legacy and establish our own footing; and eventually become an established group. The greatness of a guild is determined by the very foundation of the community also known as, the leaders. There are indeed plenty of established guilds in the community of Pro. However, for those seeking a new start, or those who are seeking an active community or a brand new experience with people who are dedicated to the community, or those who seeks to be in a competitive environment, then you have found the right place. in addition, we recently merged with Immortals and Black Sword to kickstart our revival! Who is your favourite Pokemon? Please Provide a picture of your Trainer card What is your goal in Pro? What would be your greatest strength and why? Do you have discord? How often do you check Discord? are you willing to be active on Guild chat in game and discord? Are you willing to participate in guild events, and be active on discord? Do you have any Competitive Experience? ~G O O D L U C K~ ~A star may die but a marvelous sight gets reflected from a remarkable height that can be seen naked in the eye, arise from the pinnacle of the paradise in the sky~ -Management Team- Originators (Leaders) Mskell Styg1aN Ely Sovereign (Co-Leaders) Nornornor444 Lasthope4 Anton0212 Ryxnmarc Aman Ak Overseer (Officers) Jaws BadKarma Prabin Nilla NadzHawkeye Str4y Nemesis Rexza
  11. You wanna be part of a guild? Well now is your chance! Team Magma is recruiting active and friendly players! Team Magma strives first and foremost to provide a friendly environment for its members. We are relatively casual, with an emphasis on community rather than PvP. Our guild chat and Discord are also both very active, and we do our best to address any questions or concerns you might have. In order to bring members closer we hold several different types of events including guild hunts, tournaments, and hide and seeks. We do our best to make the events fun for all who wish to participate and also provide worthwhile rewards. On top of having an active guild chat we also have a Discord, though joining it is not mandatory! If for some reason you are not able to get help in guild chat, you are free to ask there. We often use voice chat, and even now and then have music sessions or play something together that isn't PRO. 1- BE ACTIVE! We take activity very seriously, be sure to tell when you will be inactive so that you won't get kicked! 2- Be nice and friendly! This should be obvious, but we aim for a nice community of friends so it is something we stress. 3- Have a good sense of humor but know when to be mature. We want everyone to have fun but you need to know when things are going too far. If you would like to join, please apply through the thread by filling in the questions at the end of this post or if online in game, please send a pm to anyone listed below Iriztha MEBzerg, Invar, idkup, Maemae, Fairview, Char59, Ailis ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ APPLYING TO THE GUILD Please answer the following mandatory questions when applying through the thread: What is your in game name? The following questions are optional to the application and are just for us to know a little bit more about you How old are you? How many gameplay hours and badges do you have? Do you use discord? What is your ingame hobby(farming, selling, pvp, collecting etc)? Why would you like to be in team magma? ~~
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